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Spitta Releases His Newest Studio Album – Canal Street Confidential

Man What A Dope Weekend For Music,

     First we get a release from Jet Life’s rap star Young Roddy, but on top of that we get a fresh new Curren$y album as well? Last time I copped a Spitta CD was.. well it was last week, they had a copy of Weekend At Burnies sitting on the shelf.

I couldn’t just let it sit there, it was kind of insulting, but hey, that’s where the real JLR fans come through. The last time Spitta dropped something purchasable at the store was his Warner Bros release The Stoned Immaculate. This album has a special place in my heart because during a small 500 person show in Greensboro s I stepped up and asked an artist to sign something for me for the first time.

spitta greensboro

     It might sound childish, but it’s cool observing something you got signed, it makes you want to work harder, it makes you want to be the guy doing all that signing in the future. With an album in 2012, a new 2015 album that was released on Dec 4th, and countless grade A projects in between, there’s no doubt that Curren$y da hot Spitta is one of the most hardworking artists in the hiphop industry. His lyrics might also have some kind of influence on the average young dreamer. He opesn his track Boulders, one of the first singles off the new album Canal Street Confidential“, with these lines: Drove bout five four cars in the same night// keep switching up Show my other n***as they can get it too, no giving up.

     There are plenty of other hits, a few with features from the likes of: August Alsina, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Weezy and more, as well as an equal amount of Spitta only tracks like All With My Hands.Bump the whole thing while you roll to the mall, blast it through your headphones when you walk around campus, I can promise you the Canal Street Confidential will have you turnin’ heads. Oh and please don’t feel bad if “Boulders” makes you feel like an absolute G.


             Not only has the music been on point, but the man’s been to Charlotte four times since summer of 2014. That’s love. 

    Cop it at Best Buy. But if you’re not patient, cop it here on iTunes.

    Stream the album below, play it when your friends come over to “chill,” show them this post, buy a new gold chain. Jet Life and The Charlotte Sessions thanks you.

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–   Zyven

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