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Canna: A Legend Worth Your Time

Who is Canna and why is he making me bounce around downtown Lexington like such a fool? This is actually the second time that I’ve heard this rising producer’s release with Savage Society Records, and I’m really excited to say that it’s an absolute banger worth sharing. If you like suspenseful build ups, punchy synths and a wild, euphoric drop, then “Elundis Core” is the tune for you.

What really interests me about the name Canna is the obvious prefix of one of the greatest plants on this earth, so the Dutch producer is obviously destined to be one of the greatest of all time right? Canna also somewhat reminds me of the word cannibal, so that might explain why some of his other tunes might be so dangerous. Just listen to his other tunes such as “2070 Paradigm Shift” and “Laguna.”

As many of you know, Savage Society has been a home to many great artists such as Benzmixer, Blankface and Decimate, among many other insanely talented producers. That’s why I knew that the label made an excellent choice when they decided to include Canna in their Savage Selects Volume 4 compilation. Not too long ago I managed to find another wild tune by Canna while scrolling through my soundcloud feed. If you ever venture out to Yellowstone National Park, whether it’s the one percent in Idaho, the three percent in Utah, or the ninety-six percent in Wyoming, blast this bad boy at the highest volume possible. Thank you for all the incredible sounds, Canna!

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– Zyven

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