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Carolina Producer BroMosapien Shows Off His Experimental Side on “My Speakaz” EP

    This year, we’ve seen a lot of fantastic projects coming from artists from all corners of the earth. But BroMosapien’s four track, debut EP comes from the South of this nation – and folks, you should never forget that some of the greatest inventions were born in the South. The first few seconds of the break out introduction “BACK2LYFE” bring about this euphoric feeling of pure bliss that quickly teleports you to an eerie test lab where your home town’s local secret lab is illegally working on a new partially sentient cyborg military unit – you don’t want to mess with him. We’re quickly escorted out of this spooky lab and transported to a gruesome battle with a thirty foot tall demon in ancient Rome. When the war cry is screeched: “Morpheus Drinking a 40 in a Death basket“, the challengers must quickly get prepared to thrash for their lives.

  If you’re a fan of wall bouncing, lazer poppin’, wonked out Bass music, then “My Speakaz” is the tune for you. Beware for the second drop, you might end up with a few new dance moves worth showing off to the world (get ready for the “Bromo Wobble”, Fortnite). Last but not least, a little something for the Drum N Bass fanatics. BroMosapien wants you to know that he’s got the skills to craft any style of Bass music, and “Creation” is the perfect example of 160-180 BPM magic that Junglists are yearning for. Overall, I would say that BroMosapien captured the essence of diversifying one’s self when putting out a Bass packed project. Not everything has to be a rat race to make the heaviest, filthiest, raunchiest tune. Although BroMosapien doesn’t have a problem with packing in a punch on any tune that he touches, should he have to. Thank you for the great new project Andy!

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Creation is the key – BroMosapien is the messenger.

– Zyven

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