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Catching Up with Calgary’s Very Own, Inf1n1te [Interview]

   Earlier this month I put together a piece on a beautiful new Dubstep banger from Calgary, Alberta based producer INF1N1Tewho fuses soft vocals with heavy bass drops to create a truly memorable, tasteful, and addicting single called “Wait For Me.” I was so impressed with the energy and dedication put into this song, that I reached out to Robbie INF1N1TE about doing a potential interview

Shot by Banana Cam

1. Nice to meet you Robbie! Here’s a question we’ve been dying to know. Even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, you look like you’ve been in a metal band or two before getting into Dubstep production. Or are we dead wrong?

 Hahaha, DEAD RIGHT. I grew up being a little metalcore / ‘scene’ / emo / hardcore kid, whatever you wanna call it… That was the first genre of music I properly fell in love with and really what I still love the most to this day. That’s definitely a question I get quite a bit tho haha, it goes hand in hand with how I dress / how I overall look so I’m pretty used to it… Good eye ! ?

2. Where did the name INF1N1TE come from? It looks like the most fire gamertag of 2008 to ever come out of Calgary.

Hahaha, actually was never a gamertag, I’m not really into games much. Long story short it’s loosely taken from one of my favorite movies / books called ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
3. For those of us who don’t know much about Canada, what can you tell us about Alberta as a whole, and then more specifically the part that you’re from. How does it differ from the vibes and culture of places like Nova Scotia or Manitoba?

Hmm interesting question, never been asked this before! I’ve actually never been to Nova Scotioa and I’ve only been in Manitoba two days for two shows I’ve flown out for in the past, haha. I definitely think the stereotypical ‘Canadian’ culture is true in alot of ways… Everybody for the most part is really nice, everybody is always trying to get a coffee at Tim Hortons, everyone says ‘eh.’ Hahaha. It’s definitely a really dope place to live in terms of everything as well as in terms of music, bass music specifically. We don’t have a huge a market out here as the US but the crowds out here are always really solid and people really put a lot into supporting events & festivals when they come through.

4. What kind of childhood life did you experience? Did you have brothers and sisters? Were you always into music?
I grew up with a lot of chores! hahaha. I’ve got one older brother yeah, we were never overly close but we were both properly introduced to playing music by my mom around grade 5/6. She forced us into joining band, I had to play the saxophone. I had zero interest in learning it but she thought it was super important to introduce us into music at an early age to at least see if we were interested in it… something I’m actually really thankful for but never gave a lot of thinking to… I left the school band stuff when I was around 12 to start playing guitar and started playing in my first bands. That was the kind of thing I fell in love with and wanted to do forever. Going through high school and trying out more bands I quickly figured out it’s insanely hard to find a group of people who all want to SERIOUSLY pursue music and are interested in the same things. Long story short, that’s how I ended up trying music production. I was so drawn to the fact it was a project I didn’t need to rely on anyone else for in being creative.
 5. I’ve noticed that on a lot of your tracks, you’ll add some funky and experimental sounds during the last 20 or 30 seconds, what’s that about? I’ve never seen a producer do that before.

Hahaha… yeah, there’s absolutely zero reason for that. It’s completely unnecessary and serves no purpose. It’s just something I started doing almost every track I’ve written and released over the past year. It’s just something I do for fun that can remind my listeners who listen the whole way through that it’s DEFINITELY an INF1N1TE track. It’s just something I do for fun and maybe make someone laugh at the end of a track.
6. On the cover of your single Fatality, are you wearing a Scorpion or Sub Zero mask? The world must know.
Good question! You’d had to ask my graphic designer hahaha. I’m not sure either but it looks badass!

7. When did you start diving into the world of music production? Who were some of the musicians (bands, producers, rappers) that gave you a lot of inspiration to want to explore music production?

Grade 11 of high school is when I kinda started messing around with production… never took much of it seriously until I was about 19. Then I started doing things properly and learning more. Guys like Datsik & Excision were some of my biggest inspirations at the start and are still putting out some of the dopest bass music. They really got me into wanting to make these ridiculous sounds I was hearing 6 years ago and had no idea how they were made.

8. What are your favorite venues in your city? What about throughout the rest of Canada?

There’s a huge venue here in Calgary called ‘The Palace Theatre’ that’s really cool. I’ve played there a couple times. I actually just played my first show at home in years a couple weeks ago at this smaller venue called ‘Distortion” as well but I think we packed like 400 people in there and it was the dopest time and a really cool vibe. Alot of the older really cool venues for bass shows have been shut down over the last few years unfortunately.

9. Who have you shared the stage with, or gone back to back with in the United States? I was talking about you to Crowell and he said you two have played together once!

I’ve actually only played in the States ONE time, unfortunately. (Cries)
I played in St. Louis last year with my homies Midnight Tyrannosaurus, JPhelpz, Boombox Cartel & Crizzly. It was a killer time!!! One of my best friends in this scene, Rekoil actually had a show last year in Edmonton and we got to go b2b with my other good friend Subject 31. That was a ton of fun.

Yeah! I played with Crowell last year in Paris. Show was mental and he was a wicked DJ and a dope dude.

10. If you could collab with any 3 musicians, who would you choose?

Skrillex, Tyler Carter, & Halsey11.
11. Who are your favorite artists out of Alberta?

Subject 31 is my good friend from Edmonton. Dude has nailed his own sound SO hard and has been making some insane stuff over the last few years. Mark Instinct & Woofax are another two friends of mine who are living in Calgary right now who are insanely talented guys. I look up to them alot… They’ve both done alot of stuff I’m aiming to do so they have alot of knowledge to offer for sure.
12. So you’ve got a few tracks titled Death Note and Sword Art Online. If you could only watch one anime in all of eternity, which one would you choose?
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This question is best question.

13. Here’s an important one. Wheres the best Burger and Steak in Calgary?

Honestly I’m a sucker for Five Guys. Haven’t really found a better burger.
As far as steak goes, there’s this place called ‘Smugglers Inn’ my parents have been going to for like 20 years or something and have raised me on. Their steaks and prime rib is insane.
THANK YOU SO MUCH ROBBIE. We hope you all enjoyed this Exclusive Interview, feel free to share it with all your friends! Especially those who support Inf1n1te!

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