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Central America’s Secret Riddim Machine: Naifer

I have a lot of love for the Riddim Community for several reasons – the most important one has to do with the amount of incredible people that I have come in contact with in the past year alone. It’s all because of the hard work that these talented producers put into their craft every single day, and my innate desire to know more about them. Without Felony and Poisonouz, there would be no “Arrow in the Knee“, without Smal B and Motus, there would be no “Breadstick Double“, without Laem and Mohno, there would be no “Flow.” Are you picking up what I’m putting down? But today, I wanted to place my focus on a very unique producer from Central America who is absolutely crushing it right now. He goes by Naifer, but I like to call him one of the dopest and most creative artists alive.

Literally! When he’s not producing fire breathing dubs, Naifer is working tirelessly on his graphic design craft. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anton Galo several times in the past year on several different and incredible projects. He’s made some of my favorite concert posters of all time. Not to mention he has made several great logos for my friends – but on top of all of this, one day I asked Naifer if he would be a part of a new project called Charlotte Sessions Audio, and of course, mans said yes.

Low and behold, my Honduran buddy decided that his unreleased tune “Nightfall” would make the perfect addition to our very first compilation album, Royal Rhythm! Naifer went above and beyond to make sure that his tune was one of the wonkiest creations on the project, and it shows. I’ve grown to really love this action packed tune and its liquid, brain melting vibe. It tells the story of a valiant ninja who is on the verge of being let loose for his very first mission post graduation from the academy. He remembers a special message from one of his instructors that would sit in the back of his mind forever – “Embrace the Night“. Needless to say, the ninja was very successful in his many battles that fateful evening in the mountains west of Koka. Victory is always within his reach.

I would like to share two more songs that truly show off Naifer’s uncomparable style. The first, is his most recent banger “Flux Wave“. It is a prime example of Naifer’s mission to show the world exactly what he’s capable of. It makes me feel like I’ve walked into a lab just to discover a new form of life that has entered our planet – except this being has escaped the clutches of the scientists and now he’s looking for revenge. Naifer is really out here raising the standards with his malevolent sounds, and for this reason, Anton will always have my support.

Be sure to check out “Zero Hour” for another taste of what the future of Dubstep is sounding like. You will not regret it.

There isn’t a thing that you can’t do Naifer! Keep up the good work, the people are watching, and most certainly listening!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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