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Champagne Poppers Hit the Heart With “Runaway”

In this universe, we are constantly fighting against urges and desires that may not be as good for us as we truly hope. At least not in this very moment Whether its taking that trip you’ve always wanted to take but can’t quite afford, quitting your job but you physically can’t afford to do so, or spending time with someone that you truly love, but you simply just can’t have them in your life right now – we always want something we can’t quite have. As I make my way down Highway 85 just moments away from finally reaching my hometown, I started to truly soak in the beautiful sounds of a special new tune created by the Champagne Poppers from Arlington. Much love to SoundCloud for putting these musicians in my life today.

Runaway” kicks off with a finely tuned, steady and melodic approach, coupled with a few subtle piano and guitar notes and a catchy verse that resonates with me a little more than I’d like to admit. “It’s been a while now since I’ve seen your face, yeah, and the last time I did you told me that you’d stay, and you didn’t. But it’s clear now that I made a mistake, yeah. Cause you ran away, ran away, from me.” I really like how the lyrics led into the drop without any hint or notice of a rapid change of BPM and emotions. I’m not quite sure who was actually singing the lyrics, but I really liked the guy’s voice. Sometimes these kind of tunes just find their way into our lives, even when we weren’t looking for them. Just like the woman that I can’t stop thinking about while I write this story. But as the french say, “c’est la vie.” I definitely recommend checking out the rest of the Champagne World EP, proudly released by a Socially Outrageous Collective of Intelligence.

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– Zyven

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