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CharlestheFirst Lifts Up The Soul W/ New LP “The Ascent”

     In the time between the release of his debut projectThe Roots EP, and his most recent creation, appropriately titled The Ascent, CharlestheFirst has managed to prove not only his raw, melodic competence, but also his expert ability to translate that musical aptitude into the vast context of bass music. Utilizing a broad spectrum of unique atmospheric soundscapes, full driving bass-lines, and professionally crafted samples, CharlestheFirst presents a myriad of his artistic perspectives to an ever-increasing following of music lovers around the world. With the release of The Ascent, Charles rears his head once again to prove to the masses just how immeasurable his artistic potential really is.

     As his music spreads further with each passing day, the Lake Tahoe native receives a widening glimpse of the indisputable impact his music has on people. With a genuine heart and a brilliant talent for storytelling, CharlestheFirst is certainly a name that the community will be seeing more often in the years to come.

“The Ascent”





Brilliant atmospheric development.

Exceptional attention to minor detail.

Unique experimentation yet precise & well executed.


Consistently riveting stylistic plot dissertation.

Immaculate use of authentic samples & artistic techniques.

Beautiful & mesmerizing through awe-inspiring aural textures & melodic runs.

     In CharlesTheFirst’s most recent project “The Ascent, his listeners are given an extraordinarily compelling narrative through which he conducts a cornucopia of captivating melodic and harmonic foundations, an astute ability to manipulate bass in an inventive variety, encapsulating atmospheric textures, and much much more. If you haven’t already listened to The Ascent, I strongly urge you to take a moment out of your day to experience this pure artistry. With a country-wide tour and a variety of big ticket festival appearances around the corner, CharlestheFirst is absolutely a name to watch out for as he presents his unique and unparalleled artistry to the masses.

     From the day I first discovered electronic music, I’ve since experienced an exponentially increasing fascination with its limitless excess of storytelling possibilities. Obsessed with the various ways in which an artist’s story could possibly be told, I began a journey of discovery which begged no final destination or specified route. Over the years I navigated through a vast abyss of sub-genres, and began compiling a comprehensive taste for the flavors of electronic production I craved the most. When I moved to Virginia, I was blessed to meet the founder of The Charlotte Sessions through a friend I met by coincidence on campus. That friend, a spunky basshead chick who loves wubs just about as much as I do, brought the previously unknown CharlestheFirst to my attention. More specifically she showed me his “Through the Mist” mix, and from the first minute of listening I instantly declared without the slightest hint of hesitation that I had found my favorite producer. Since that first listen, I’ve experienced that mix and the rest of his discography about a few hundred times, oftentimes on repeat for hours on end. It’s certainly difficult to find words which might come close to expressing Charles’ raw ability to create, but hopefully this was enough to get you to have a listen if you haven’t. I believe in this artist more than any I have ever heard, and I’ll be thrilled if even one person discovers his talent because of this article.

Catch CharlestheFirst Next Stop in Birmingham, Alabama with Of the Trees @ Zydeco on April 11th on the Ascent Tour.

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–   Tristan

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