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Louisiana Based Rapper Puts Out Sensational NEW EP CALLED “CHIEF”

    Folks, today I’m going to share with you all how I recently discovered the smooth, melodic, and thought provoking lyrics of Louisiana based rapper Chef Fol. I was writing an article on the new editions of Sunset Radio, hosted by Boones’ very own MUZ. One of the artists who dropped a new mix on Sunset Radio goes by the name of Bad Catholics. I heard a rumor that he’s rebranding as Lonemoon. When I searched up Lonemoon on Soundcloud, I found a rapper based in Oklahoma City – then I remember hearing a story from my homie from Leeds who goes by the name of ChimeAfter slaying an incredible set in Greensboro with Firepower Records brother in arms, JPhelpz, he was telling me a little bit about his background, and that’s when we got to talking about Lonemoon. Well, I’m very thankful for that conversation because it led me to an excellent EP titled CHIEF composed by the talented Chef Fol. This six track EP features and array of intriguing beats, clever rhymes, and nasty harmonies, but I want to let the music speak for itself. However, if I had to choose a favorite it would be “Signs.” Rome CastilleBig ups to Surf, Lonemoon and for their collaborative efforts on this EP. You guys added that kick and punch that Chef Fol was looking for!

When I was 17 I went to my first trap house. It was a nondescript one-story building in a quiet neighborhood at the edge of town. I had walked the streets of Paris, stood by the colosseum in Rome while the pope gave his blessings, and weaved through the labyrinth that is Lagos but that trap house, maybe twenty minutes away from where I lived was the strangest place on earth.

At the trap house, or ‘bando’ (why it was called that, I do not know, it was obviously inhabited) my friend, a friend of a friend really, showed me his new assault rifle. As he displayed its long, matte black body, another boy brought out a Tupperware container of bullets. I reached both of my hands inside, feeling the bullets rubbing against my fingers like cold sand.

They made me wipe my fingerprints off every single bullet.

While the secondary goals of CHIEF are aspirational, to introduce the world to my unique experience, to gain enough fans to go on tour, to be popular etc. etc. ad infinitum. The main primary goal of CHIEF is to tell stories that I suspect will be completely forgotten in a generation. I doubt writers of history will be particularly interested in the fact that codeine dealers used baby bottles as a cheap and effective method of measuring product, or the interesting fact that fighting games like super smash bros. are widely popular in the African American community (perhaps related to our love of martial arts) or even simple souvenirs of childhood like Leap Frog and Jansport. Going forward, I want my work to document this world of forgotten phenomena.

I think there is a lot of room in hip hop right now and I hope listeners are inspired by this project to reexamine what stories they think are worth telling.

From a material point of view, CHIEF is wonky, drum driven beats, similar to Monte Booker or Flying, Lotus, paired with direct hooks delivered sometimes in my distinctively deep voice and sometimes in my drake-like whine. 
The theme of the Chief, a stranger in a strange land, is meant to relate my inner experience as I move through the worlds I document. From a polyamorous relationships in ‘Understand’ to a trap house in ‘Signs’, the listener should get the sense that I am only ever an observer, but a conspicuous one at that.

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