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Chicago Veteran, KLEAVR Makes Dangerous Waves With New BUYGORE Release: The Heretic EP

       How many people can say that some of their favorite musicians are active with their fans on the internet? I feel like a few minutes before and after a concert isn’t enough time to make a real connection with these artists, so I’m really grateful when I see that producers that I really enjoy listening to such as Subtronics, SpaceGhost, and Chime consistently keep their fans and supporters engaged. But one special, hard-knocking, top of the line, wild child Midwest producers who goes by the name of Kleavr is getting all of our attention today, because the project that he dropped with Buygore Records earlier this year is absolutely massive. If you haven’t taken a listen yet, The Heretic EP is 100% worth the listen, and if I can help crank a few necks around the globe with this story, then I know I did my job right! Seriously, I would feel ashamed if any of my friends missed out on this dastardly new EP because I didn’t go the extra mile to share it – that’s what this underground scene is all about people! Worldwide support for one another!

     Kleavr obviously earned the attention of one of Dubstep’s oldest creators, the man who actually got me into this scene back in 2010, the legendary Israeli wobble enthusiast, Borgorebecause the Heretic EP surely found the right home when he decided to release the project back in February.

     The Heretic EP begins with a sneaky shoulder popping tune that was designed with the pure intention of throwing folks off with the goopy and grimey drop paired with a powerfully sinful voice explaining how “The Real N****a back with that hard street shit, but n****s be missing the (?) so I say Buck Em when I’m gone”. I like how Kleavr glides through transitions from one genre to the next by dipping into the world of Trap for a few moments as he builds up the anticipation on “Buck Em.” I would definitely have to say my favorite part is the dark and sinister chorus that forms the image of a big burly man in Chicago letting his opposers know that he won’t stand for shit. Kleavr don’t play, and neither should you. There is a lot of evil lurking around this universe.

But like I said before, Kleavr is actually very friendly. But what goes on inside someone’s head typically tends to be very different than what they display online. The next tune on this project is called “The Heretic“, and Merriam Webster defines a heretic to be a “person who differs in opinion from established religious dogma.” But since there aren’t really any signs of anti-religion on this project, I say we go with definition number two, which is “one who differs in opinion from an accepted belief or doctrine.” A nonconformist if you will. Well this tune literally spells out “Fuck You, I do what I want” in a wicked three minutes and twelve seconds.

Last, but most certainly not least is a very special collaboration created with non other than Colorado’s very own Military Riddim warrior, AOWL. It seems that the Denver native has been trading stems with the Chicago swamp monster while serving his final few months in South Korea. Now, we’re all about two weeks from the great return of AOWL, and this uniquely crafted collab titled “The Damned” serves as just a mere glimpse of what these two top notch producers are truly capable of. Overall, I really loved every aspect of this gruesome new project.


Folks, I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, I love Kleavr and Tantrum – there are many things that can bring a man joy in this world, and one of those is the everlasting Riddim bond and pure friendship that this Chicago and Louisville tandem share. Because all you want to do is headbang, drink modelos, and rage with them. Talk about the ultimate thrasher anthem – “Fury Blade” certainly blessed Buygore in the absolute best of ways. Hit that play button below and get wild.

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Why are you so darn awesome Neo?

– Zyven

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