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Chicken and Waffles with United Kingdom Wub Master, 7INN

     Let me tell you why I love Bass music. Because there are guys out there like one of the UK’s wonkiest up and comers 7INNmaking groundbreaking, neck cranking, show stopping bangers. While I’ve been seeing his name come up on several of the Riddim Facebook groups, on several occasions, his music has actually popped up on my phone as the next underground banger to infiltrate my queue. While I migrate to the Far East, a name that was given to the towns that lay between the sound and the Outerbanks of North Carolina, I was blessed by the Bassgods with a thrilling, obscure, fresh creation by the Perth based producer. When I read the name “Chicken and Waffles VIP“, I couldn’t help but remember a moment where I passed a table at a brewery and overhead a man say “Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles“, where I immediately leaned in and told the eight listening beer lovers “Oh Gladys Knights? Best Chicken N Waffles in Atlanta. *Baddum Chhhh* (Cues corny joke drum roll)

    While the title is hilariously clever, the foreign, intergalactic atmosphere created by this this 7INN tune is quite impressive – you might think you’re in store for some kind of funky Techno song after listening to the first few seconds of “Chicken and Waffles VIP.” But the moment that the voice of an unfamiliar man abruptly shouts out “Uno!” ,7INN introduces those nasty kicks and claps that mesh so well with oddball sounds that he’s chopped up in his 2019 banger. The eerie and mysterious feeling that listeners are given quickly turns into jaw dropping awe as the tune finally breaks free and reveals the filth that is sitting in 7INN’s head.


Here’s a little more filth for your earholes since you’re so damn beautiful.


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Where Did You Come From 7INN?!

– Zyven

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