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Leeds Based Producer, CHIME, Surpasses Expectations For New Experience Points EP

    It’s always nice spending a few hours of your day scrounging around the internet in search of new music. Today, I want to share a fresh project made by an extremely talented producer and DJ from Leeds, England. I’ll never forget the day that I discovered the likes of Chime, as he played his heart out in my hometown before label mate JPhelpz took the stage. The Firepower Records showcase put on by our friends over at Create. was definitely a sight to see, and it allowed a lot of people to learn about Chime’s melodically heavy style that he describes as Color Bass. His new EP, appropriately titled as “Experience Points“, is a true testament to the production abilities that Chime has garnered since his North Carolina debut. I’m proud to say that this Circus Records release is exactly what your spirit has been looking for. It’s just the right mixture of heavy hitting Dubstep sprinkled with the serene sounds that Chime is known to make.    The 8-Bit album cover features the producer of the hour standing behind a mixer, where he’s surely smashing a crowd to pieces. The first track of the EP also titled, “Experience Points” features a beautiful rise that slowly mixes in with an array of heavy growls, electric guitar strums, and heavenly lazer symphonic sounds. Chime knows exactly how to put a together saucy introduction. The following track titled, Different showcases that early golden era of Dubstep style that we’ve all come to know and love. A fine voice comes in singing “As the sun goes down and we rise up, we rule a kingdom all of our own…” before a filthy drop kicks you to the ground. “Different” is a quick reminder of that old school Flux Pavilion flow that helped push Circus Records to the top. You may have heard the third track in some live setting in the past couple weeks. “Facepunch” is, in my opinion, the heaviest track on this groundbreaking project. Many Dubstep scholars would classify this tune as “crunchy, powerful, and the perfect recipe for a serious concoction of Bass.”

 Chime introduces the final track of the EP known as “Double Jump.” This term refers to more than just a basic video game function. I really enjoy the use of Hawaiian conch shells, zesty guitar notes, and the rapid 80s inspired piano keys. Overall, Experience Points proves that Bass Music producers are capable of creating more unique styles than what the world is used to, and this rising UK producer is no exception. If you enjoyed listening, make sure you do spread the sounds to all your friends! Chime is the future. (Give Chime a Like on Facebook!)

Look out! Chime is coming to a city near you!

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