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CHMST Is the King of Nostalgia [New Dubstep Tune]

You would think that I would still be knocked out in my grandma’s backroom sofa dreaming about pie and Riddim after eating such a fat gravy’d out dinner extravaganza with the family. But thankfully, I pulled myself out of the food coma just in time to discover a brand new piece of ammo in CHMST’s endless arsenal of filthy, swanky, and often petrifying heavy bass tunes. It’s been a little over five months since I experienced my first life changing CHMST performance, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that it’s still the best Dubstep performance I’ve seen all year (although Svdden Death and Phiso at Lost Lands were beyond next level.) Let’s take a look at exactly what the Portland based mastermind crafted in his devious womp lab.

   The reason why the release of this new single is so insanely important to me is because of the reminiscent feeling that takes over my brain the second I hear that ferocious drop. It’s like I jumped through a tele-portal that shot me straight through the Midwest and back in time exactly to the day that I saw CHMST shut down Pontiac’s Elektricity concert hall. But in my head, I also picture a bus full of jaw clenching, violent  mechanical clowns chasing me down through the streets of Michigan as I make my way towards the arsenal full of rocket launchers six miles away. Or is this strange sound of the mother of all elephants that invaded the hometowns of Wooli and Mastadon? Your imagination can take you absolutely anywhere! Don’t forget your neck brace at home. You might need it after banging “Oldskool” through your sound system. Thanks again for the filthy new music Michael the CHMST!

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The Elephants Are Taking Over!

– Zyven

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