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CLUSTXR Discovery, Ohio Super Troop: “Donut Squad”

   If you think you’ve seen it all, think again. I recently had the pleasure of catching a special headbanging, Riddim fest of a performance from an Ohio trio known as Donut Squad. As I walked down the treacherous challenge of a hill that separated party goers from one of the greatest weekends of their life, if their legs were hurting of course! Even if you had to roll down the hill as you morphed your body into the shape of a New Jersey cannoli, what took place on stage would have been worth every newfound scrape on that lazy raver’s body. But since my feet were still working, I carefully itched down the hill for the third, and final time during my special weekend in Philippi, West Virginia.

    To my complete and utter surprise, I stumbled into a crew of goofy, highly energetic rockstars known as the Donut Squad, who were launching some kind of foreign objects into the crowd. But as I got closer, my eyes cut it out with the fuzziness and revealed three party monsters launching a variety of donuts into the crowd! I really didn’t expect to see this first thing as I approached the main stage – but I’m actually very glad that set times got pushed back, because that means that I would have more time to mentally prepare for the Infekt set that was to come, and now I was witnessing a new, dedicated group of hustlers chasing their dream.

   It was actually really refreshing seeing these young artists switching back and forth, preparing random doubles and crazy drops for the dedicated Riddim heads in the crowd. Anyone who was in the crowd this early in the day (6 o’clock is apparently too early for folks in West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Ohio to start partying, but I surely made it happen. I had a complete blast grabbing a few donuts and chucking them into the crowd whenever the boys were ready to throw in a miraculously heavy drop! Not to mention the two or three donuts that I scarfed down myself! I want to give a big shout out to Tanner from Donut Squad for being such a go getter – it was an absolute pleasure to meet you! Tel your Colombus partners that they’re a riot, and the Riddim Professor loves their energy. Make sure you give Donut Squad a like on Facebook! 

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Who Wants Some Donuts?

– Zyven

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