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This West Virginia Festival Lineup Will Rock Your Socks Off [CLUSTXR Preview]

    Have you ever spent a weekend in West Virginia where the mission was simply to meet new people and catch some amazing musical performances? Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend the second edition of our mountainous neighbor’s homegrown CLUSTXR Music Festival, where I witnessed a variety of action packed sets by artists such as Downlink, Dirt Monkey, Toadface, Ill.Gates, Virtual Riot, among several other great acts. Put all these great performances in a mountain top, outdoor adventure park where white water rafting, swimming pools and a Waterpark were at your finger tips, and you’ve got yourself one of the coolest scenes for a music festival that a headbanger could wish for.

 But like all big projects, some changes had to be made! It turns out that the festival organizers found a new setting for their weekend banger, for reasons that are beyond my knowledge – but if the vibes that were set in place from the local Ohio, West Virginia, and East Coast headbangers in general, added to the immense feels that the local musicians put into their performances are once again part of the equation, then we’re in for a glorious weekend. Trust me folks, you will not want to pass up on this bangarang! Headbangers, are you ready for the lineup? Phillipi, West Virginia, are you ready for us?

Not to mention, Oolacile is even really stoked about this festival! When I had the opportunity to play before him and the other Disciple Round Table boys, Infekt and MurDa, we had the chance to talk about how incredible Clustxr is bound to be. I didn’t even have to reassure him about how much fun we’re all about to have. He already knows! We were talking about how fat the lineup for this festival truly is! We’ve got the likes of Virtual Riot, JPhelpz, Hi I’m Ghost, TRUTH, Arius, Sullivan King, PhaseOne, Apashe, Phiso, Eliminate, and so many more great acts!

  I don’t want to get you all too riled up.. We still have a little over a week to go! If you know whats right for you, you’ll take advantage of those affordable ticket prices and rage it with all of us at Clustxr! It will certainly be one of the best festivals you will attend all year, and that’s a bet!

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– Zyven

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