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A few months ago, if you would have told me that I would be sharing the stage with some of my favorite producers in my hometown, I would have probably laughed it off and said “maybe someday”. But hard work truly does pay off – my buddy in Greensboro asked me if I wanted to open up for the Triple Threat Tour, which meant I would finally get to witness a full set from Los Angeles’ very own Oolacile, and my first performances from Bavaria’s Infekt and Southampton’s MvrDa. After that beautifully aggressive evening, the boys soon became fellas that I could consider as friends.

Then! All the sudden I make it over to Virginia Beach after a dastardly 24 hour rage session at Yonderville Music Festival, so that I could witness the Virginia debut of Infekt. Okay, that sounds pretty filthy right? How about being a part of the West Virginia debut of Oolacile, MvrDa and Infekt at a nasty, gruesome and completely wonderful experience known as CLUSTXR Music Festival? Well let me tell you this, I couldn’t have felt more blessed to be taking photos at a festival than I did on that fateful Saturday! The amount of love, respect and happiness that took over King Knob mountain was worth every painstaking second that went by as soon as 2017’s CLUSTXR ended.

I want to give a big shout out and send my love to Born I Music, Arius, Oolacile, Infekt, MurDa, Virtual Riot, Rhiannon Roze, Dre of Truth, Hatcha, and Mt. Eden for making this such a special day for a Carolina man! Also, a huge thank you to the entire staff at CLUSTXR, my whacky and zany friends at Camp Hoover, and all the beautiful new amigos that I made over the course of the weekend. CLUSTXR Music Festival will forever be my home! CLICK ON ANY OF THE PHOTOS TO VIEW THE FULL GALLERY 🙂

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West Virginia is the spot! To dance till you drop!

– Zyven


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