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CLUSTXR Re-Discovery: When the Charlotte Sessions Met ARIUS

“They’re from South Africa”, shouted a random CLUSTXR buster who was either trolling everybody, or confusing the soon to be act of the hour with Die Antwoord. Nevertheless, I recently had the pleasure of making two new friends from California who carry that positive and righteously eccentric spirit that I need in my life right about now. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Los Angeles super duo, ARIUS, in a live setting, then I know you’ve probably felt that inspiring energy flowing from the stage! At least myself, and another couple other hundred kids in West Virginia got that true, intimate live experience, all the while getting to know Tessa and Matt a little better as they merged into the crowd after their set was over. Everyone who encountered ARIUS has a different story to tell; but for the time being, you can read mine! I now present you, “The Charlotte Sessions Meets Arius“.  
    I could spot theNo Break” duo from a mile away! But since I had already grabbed my media credentials, I was finally on the other side of the fence, and only a few feet away from the glowing duo. Friendly typical Zyven rushed over to the ever so cheery tatted up Bass queen (Tessa), who was already having a blast with all the new friends. At the time, Matt was nowhere around, but I managed to introduce myself later on in the weekend. One thing that I love to do is bring new friends presents – I knew I made the right move when I named one of my copper ring creations “ARIUS Ready to Dance”, because Tessa’s face started glowing whenever I told her I had a present for her and Matt. I mean, who doesn’t love jewelry made from a nice North Carolina fella?

     It was now time for the energetic duo to get on stage and strut their magic! The blue and pink haired producer soon hopped up on stage with her tatted up, gruesomely stylish partner – the smiles on their faces immediately lit up the crowd, and turned all the sleepy rave zombies into active-mode, full on 360 headbangin’ fired up humanoids who were beyond ready to party with ARIUS. Who would have know that this shuffle lovin’ duo would have so much energy after a long two days of shenanigans and beer? Arius sure knows how to bring the party anywhere they go! One of the aspects that I really enjoyed their set was the variety of tunes that were thrown out way, from Excision edits, to unknown Trap bangers that really stirred up the crowd – the dance floor turned into a shufflin’, shoulder poppin’ journey over the course of their sixty minute set! I remember freaking out whenever they played their tune “Front To Back“! Those lazer sounds are way too powerful on that massive PK rig, but mama ain’t raise no wimp! Another special banger that you guys should check out is their collab with Audiowrx,Bounce“! Definitely worth the listen if I do say so myself.

     But you guys will never believe what went down during several random occasions of that fist pumping ARIUS set! The one and only Maryland marauder, Born I Music hopped up on stage to spit a few verses with his best friends – and the crowd was certainly loving every second of it! When I met Born in the RV green room, I told him that I could feel the energy shift as he walked through the door for the first time. The guy is more than a performer, he’s a true to heart, wisdom spreading, badmon who wants nothing but the best for humanity.

But sometimes, we have to get a little wonky as we help one another grow. Born I put his whole body and soul into that glorious performance – his random assortments of chains floated as he jumped around the stage while serving the masses a slew of fantastic HipHop verses! Their performance of “Third Eye was beyond gangster – the bass was growing more intimidating with every passing minute! I can easily say that ARIUS and Born I Music make a wonderful team in this fast pace, and constantly shifting music scene. A few Born I Music and Arius tunes that you should really check out include “Rise ,”SBs & Tattoos“, and “Raise Your Voice“. I definitely recommend catching a performance from either one of these greats acts if the opportunity presents itself – you won’t regret it.

Photo Shot by: @x_michael_mora_x
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Arius Ready to Dance?

– Zyven

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