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[Concert Announcement] Create. August Edition w/ Boogie T. x Blunts & Blondes 8.26.17

   We are just 11 short days away from having one of the coolest producers of all time hit up the Carolinas once again for the 4th Riddim debacle of the year. Boogie T. has been hitting up different cities like Charlotte, Huntersville, Charleston and Asheville to show off his wild side and throw down with the East Coast’s finest ravers around. Now Mr. 2KF0 he’s gearing up for the 8th edition of the infamous Create. series held in the hear of Greensboro.

Mantis B2B Boogie T. at Dreamscape Music Festival

     The Blind Tiger will be home to all on August 26th as we embark on Bass filled journey that is set to soothe even the most damaged spirits. Check out this dank video of Boogie T. performing his hit “Ya Ya Ya” at Barnstock Music Festival in Huntersville.


    Joining the New Orleans superstar is a familiar name that has been making steady waves in the Bass Music scene for the past year now. The Tampa based producer Blunts & Blondes is known for his insane live performing and ability to turn a crowd up from 0 to 100. Some of our friends recently hit up the B&B show in South Carolina and said that his style was top notch. Now we get to see the man in action for ourselves. Check out his single Rasta Wubs here.

     Best of all, the opening acts are probably some of the most fire performers Create. has had to date. Coming all the way from Atlanta, Georgia is the homie Riven. We had Riven come play at our show with Getter last year at Club Suite. Let us be the first to tell you, the Carolinas absolutely love Riven. His heavy style will have your necks broken in minutes. Other performers include the likes of our Charlotte homies PINJA. We’ve yet to have the opportunity to catch a full set by these guys, so were stoked for that. Also joining the homies above is that boi NAH FAM. This show is going to be WONKY to say the least. You can RSVP Here to let your friends know about the moves at the end of the month. You can also Purchase Tickets Here; support your local promoters! See you all in the pit.


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