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[Concert Announcement] DADA w/ Rell the Soundbender

     Who’s ready for an awesome local shindig-rave organized by some of Charlotte’s OG promoters? Our buddies at GF*W Presents have put together a few editions of their Defense Against the Dark Arts electronic music series; now the middle of the months is nearing us which means one thing. Brace up for the latest DADA which will be featuring the likes of LA based producer Rell the Soundbender. A lot of people don’t know this slight detail, but Rell is actually originally from Charlotte, which should be even more of a reason to catch this rare event.

Other performances include a special b2b set between Kyle Biddy and Boy Beats World, along with sets by Jordan Castle, and Rap Raffy. This exciting event is taking place at the Dillworthe Grille, located on 911 East Moorehead Street, right here in Charlotte. You can Click Here for a free ticket, but make sure you get there early because free entries are limited. However, $5 is the next step up, and for a great underground show like this is a no brainer. RSVP Here and spread the word to your homies!

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–   Zyven


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