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[Concert Announcement] Mashd N Kutcher // Label Charlotte 4.28.17

       Ladies and gentlemen the last weekend of April is finally among us! And you know what that means! If you’re not joining the 15,000 Bassheads gathering in Jersey for the Nectar gathering, you’re probably going to an incredible event featuring the exciting Dance music duo from Australia! For hundreds of Carolina ravers, this Saturday can’t come soon enough. Get ready folks because the one and only Mashd N Kutcher is coming to Label on April 28th!

When we first heard of the local Brisbane duo, we were amazed that someone was clever enough to find a play on words for the infamous That 70s Show actor, Ashton Kutcher. But the funny name doesn’t take away from this duo’s production skills. It’s not Riddim, but it certainly is exciting dance music, perfect for any festival or club setting. After exploring the duo’s collection of releases, we’ve found a few tracks that we thoroughly enjoyed, and we know you will too; such as Do It Now (Arcane Echo Remix), their remix of Jayceeoh’s Elevate and No Way Out.

Get hype, because these guys truly know how to read a crowd and show everyone a good time. The masters of Mashups, as they’ve proven themselves in a 30+ song 4 minute mashup, are definitely an act to catch, if your hometown is lucky enough to receive them! Go support your local promoters, SPENT Entertainment, and have a good time! Opening support includes the likes of DYS


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