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[Concert Announcement] Question Mark // North Wilkeseboro 3.24.17


      Wow Oh Wow. Have you all heard about one of the newest monthly events in the Carolinas that has people going wild? Well believe it or not, it takes place in North Wilkesboro! The Warehouse series “Question Mark” is going down once again this Friday! And we cannot wait to experience this once again. Located just roughly 1.5 hours away from major cities in NC like Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh, this rave is more than feasible for those who want to experience a true underground rave scene.

This time around the likes of Mister, Violinix, SnyderB3ATS ME and last but not least, Denver native, and now North Carolina resident, Sightlow. We’re extremely excited for the newcomers to enjoy their time at Question Mark. Get ready to explore your inner artist. Hopefully host, Stephen Hutchinson will have more paint for us to play with. We made some pretty cool designs on the warehouse walls back in February. $10 at the door will get you all access to the lax yet exciting environment that is Question Mark. RSVP Here and share the good news with your friends! The vibes last until 5 in the morning, so plan your visit accordingly!

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