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[Concert Review] Datsik Live in Charlotte (5 De Mayo)

     About a month ago, the Queen City experienced one of the most highly anticipated concerts of the year featuring the Don of Dubstep, the Godfather of Wobbles and Bass, the man who runs international record label Firepower Records, the one and only Datsik.

It was a special night to say the least. While some of us were working at a Mexican restaurant chasin that paper… others were seeing the madness that Queen City native Crowell, winner of the DJ competition, had to unleash upon his crowd. Then two insane sets followed by the California spaced out producer Shlump and Texas Bass Maniac, The Widdler, took place. Good looks to SOMA Entertainment for putting together such an insane show, thanks for letting us shoot your event.

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Photo Shot By Key Vision Photography

     By the time I was done with the restaurant, I sped to Amos’ Southend to catch what I hoped would be the end of Widdler’s set. However when I stepped into the building I saw that familiar Firepower face that I’ve seen perform live on three other rare occasions, rocking his usual 6-pan
el hat going HAM behind the decks. Guaranteed that anyone who stepped through those glass doors immediately felt the bass running through their body.

1 datsik

     As I walked around the venue, fans were sporting Firepower, Datsik, Funtcase and Excision shirts alike. It was great to relive that 2012 dubstep feeling in an era where dubstep is receiving less recognition than it used to. It’s because of people like Troy Beetles (Datsik) and his followers that the scene is still alive, and in my opinion, burning like crazy. I mean have you heard the newest collab banger that 12th Planet and Datsik wrote together? If you find yourself getting over dubstep, Party in The Sewer will draw you back.

     While Datsik didn’t actually perform P.I.T.S. which he released just days prior to his Charlotte reappearance, he did manage to play all of our favorite classics, like Three Fist Style, Firepower, Swagga, Nuke Em, and Boom! You could tell who the OG fans were, as most of them made their way to the front to grip the rail and headbang as hard as possible. The kids who were throwing their gun fingaz in the air and dropping their bodies to the floor as the bass kicked in, those were the hardcore Datsik fans. I think everyone lost their shit when he dropped his collab with Excision sampling Lil Wayne’s verse from A Milli. Don’t fret, Mr. Datsik also new songs that most fans would recognize like his collab with Bear Grillz, Fuck Off, and his super collab off the Darsktar EP with one of the West Coast’s finest, Snoop Dogg titled Smoke Bomb. 

     Everyone lost their shit again when he dropped Excision’s track Robot Kitty, always a natural crowd pleaser. One of the dopest parts of Datsik’s set was when he played his sick new collab with Firepower Freshmen Zack the Lad. Check out Feel Good here. Overall, the show was phenomenal. If you missed out on the action for whatever reason, then check out this little recap that SOMA put together.

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–   Zyven

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