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Cookie Monsta Shakes the Internet With New Single “Xterminate”

     It has come to my attention that one of the grimiest, wonkified Dubstep dons from England has just put out a new single. It is with great honor that I present you all today with a terror driven newscast about the invaders that recently took over Cookie Monsta’s home turf. The Nottingham News anchorman exclaims: “There has been reports of unidentified flying objects in the area… The World is in Danger.. Danger.. Danger.. ” There must be a Decepticon floating around through the air because a piercing voice quickly screams “Exterminate” as loud as its speaking-unit possibly allows it. I can only imagine how much Cookie Monsta must have enjoyed witnessing the decimation and destruction that took place before the creation of this track. The project features a mixture of his signature, nasty growls with a deep Riddim-esque punch for additional flavor. If you have a weak stomach or a feint heart, fair warning, “Xterminate” is pungent, aggressive, and exactly what Circus Records fans have been looking for, so headbang with caution. Excelente trabajo galleta monstruo, excelente trabajo.

     You can catch the legendary producer shutdown a mind bending performance at this year’s Digital Gardens Music & Arts Festival in Charlotte, NC. Mark your calendars folks, because 4.21.18 marks six months since Cookie Monsta’s previous Carolina catastrophe – you won’t want to miss this one.

See you all in the pit!

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