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Create. Books Gnarly Two Day Halloween Special with Doctor P, Cookie Monsta, Warez & QUIX

     Who would have thought that the guys over at Create. would step up to put together one of the baddest 2 Night Halloween weekend shows featuring some true OGs in the Dubstep scene? Given their recent track record with headliners such as Midnight T., Buku, and Sullivan King, it only makes sense to hit Halloween with an absolute bang. The 2 Night special will feature the likes of Circus Records veterans, Cookie Monsta and Doctor P. As you all know, Cookie Monsta slays stages all over the world with his intensely heavy and dark style, he also rocked our brains out back in 2011 with tracks like “Mosh Pit” or “Yow Momma.”

     Doctor P lays down some of the hottest tracks in his live sets, you’ll be begging for more after you get a dose of his wobbly medicine. Tracks such as Tetris” and “Sweet Shop” This incredible heater of a show takes place on Thursday October the 26th at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro. Many people are excited to see this intimate, five hundred capacity venue sell out for such an illustrious event. Direct support is coming from non other than Warez, one of Charlotte’s leading producers responsible for the incredible sounds of the Floods EP. Other opening acts include the likes of Vide, Mister, Lavier, Boy Legs, Ghost, and Yen. You definitely don’t want to miss this action packed, bass filled, Halloween themed rager.

   But wait, there’s more! This is a 2 day event which means Create. planned something spicey for Friday, October 27th as well! Check this out, the mastermind from New Zealand, QUIXbehind “Purple Ford Falcon” and “The Cut is making his North Carolina debut. There’s no other place to catch that incredible show but the Blind Tiger! We’ve heard so much buzz about the super producer for a few months now; put him together with the guys from Create. and you’re bound to have a good time. The opening acts for this show include, Ludge, Dub Boro, The Midi Boys and PUSH. If you want to brag about this bad boy to your friends, then RSVP Here today and spread the love! It’s definitely time to party! You can also Purchase Tickets Here today and save some money at the door! Don’t miss out, this will be a SELL OUT!

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