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     Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the most exciting days to hit North Carolina to date, are you ready for this insane lineup? North Carolina promotional crew, Create. isn’t playing around folks! For their one year anniversary, they took it upon themselves to bring one of the wonkiest producers in the scene back to our beautiful state. It’s been a little over two years since Dirt Monkey has been to NC, ever since he tore down the Rabbit Hole with Jantsen back in December of 2015. That show, along with insane boat party in Atlantic City, is what turned me into a Dirt Monkey fan. And now you’re telling me that the fine folks over at Create just booked him, along with Rockstar producers, DMVU, the Denver Bass Music Cowboy, and the experimental Bassnectar collaborator, Digital Ethos. While I’ve had the pleasure of seeing DMVU throw down a proper set in Colombus, somewhere in Georgia and Asheville, I’ve never witnessed a live Digital Ethos performance, so I’m very excited to see what he has to offer.

     The opening acts for this once in a lifetime opportunity are non other than the Clemson boys, DYS, who recently released their first official remix on Circus Records. Up next we have Ricardo, but a lot of his supporters simply call him by his moniker, Spokes. When I first saw him perform in a Warehouse party in Wilkesboro, I was astounded, and now we get to see him again for the Create 1 Year Anniversary. Last but not least is the bass music killa, non other than mr. CUT RUGS. The last time we got a flavor of that sweet, strange, deep, experimental bass was at the Thelem and Rez show in Charlotte. Now Cut Rugs is ready to bring his talents back to the Blind Tiger. How’s that for a line up folks? Mixed in with some thrilling live art by North Carolina’s very own Jeks and you’ve got yourself one hell of an evening.
     Don’t start a debate with yourself. It’s 2018 and you deserve to have a little fun. Come rage with The Charlotte Sessions because we’ll be rolling in DEEP for this one. You can RSVP Here to share the deets with your friends, you can also Purchase Your Tickets here and save a little money than waiting till the last minute. See you all in the jungle folks.

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