Who’s ready to party in Greensboro once again? Yes friends the time has finally come! The infamous artistically enhanced rave experience featuring 50 cent Beers and $2 Vodka bombs is right around the corner. This time around, the event is being headlined by the trippy bandits, Eazybaked. Joining them are the likes of Lavier, Mister, and Vide! Visuals will be provided by Sacramental Productions. This month’s live art feature will be created by Nohtresiak.

      The event is taking place at the Blind Tiger on Thursday the 30th of March, doors open at 9:00 PM! The neat thing about Create. is that the first 200 tickets are FREE! And they get used up every time! Don’t fret, if they do sell out, Tickets are only $5. Create. is worth every penny. Make sure you RSVP Here to let all your friends know about your poppin’ Thursday moves.

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