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Create. Presents AWEMINUS, Crowell, & Friends [Concert Announcement]

   Ladies and gentlemen, we’re just a few short days away from a catastrophic event that is about to take place in the Carolinas. Get ready for an action packed weekend filled with Heavy Bass, Riddim and all the wobbles you can imagine. The Thot Elimination Tour features a prominent young musician from California known by the Underground Bass community as AWEMINUS. This monster has built a name for himself by creating huge singles such “Zip Ya Lips,” “Wonton Bass,” “Bananas,” and “Under the Bed,” while having crafted insane collaborations with artists like Definitive, Subject 31, Phiso and Algo. The last time, and only time, that I’ve caught this bass killa in a live setting was during the Pirate Massive in Philly, where Aweminus crushed a b2b set with his good friend Definitive. You can say that I’m more than a little excited.

   But wait, there’s more. The good folks over at Create. aren’t just bringing one fire headliner for the evening.. Up next on the bill is the Carolina underground mix-master, Crowell, an absolute legend in this scene that us Eastcoasters (among thousands of fans across the globe) all love and appreciate. The man responsible for gravity defying tracks such as Jinx,” “Bap Bap,” “Four Four in the Bag” and “Yasuo” just destroyed a filthy back to back performance with the likes of Jersey’s Gram Greene and the Antwerp monster BERRIX, at the recent Charlotte Sessions Reunion. Now he’s ready to tear down the roof at the Blind Tiger, will you be there to witness this catastrophic evening? Listen to his new collab with Russia’s Psycho to hear the heavy heavy that this maniac has been working on.

Another thing that I really enjoy about Create. shows is their effort sin bringing in different local talent. For this special evening, we’ve got the likes of Raleigh’s very own scale-maestro, Snakko, who put on a disgusting performance with Jordan Castle at the Create. finale, last December. Up next is Psydubz, making his way down from Atlantic City, NJ. The last time I witnessed this hot-boy perform was during an impromptu b2b with the infamous JAM P R D all the way in DC. Up next we’ve got a bit of Tennessee magic coming our way, as Create. ushers in SKEYEview to the Blind Tiger for his debut performance at the beautiful concert hall. Last but certainly not least is a special two part performance by yours truly. SKEYEview and I will be rotating thirty minute sets, from 8:oo to 10:00 pm, so definitely expect something deep and weird for set one. ACT QUICK. You can still get your FREE Tickets to tonight show by Clicking on This Link! Otherwise, tickets will be $5 at the door! This one is for those who live for the underground. See you all in the pit.

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