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Creative Sounds by Ohio’s HELLO DILLY

    Who would have thought that buying a music festival ticket in 2016 would lead to such a beautiful friendship all these years later. I can comfortably say that Milan Patel is one of the hardest working guys I know, inside and outside the world of Dance Music. But recent events have led Milan and his musical partner Anthony Michalowicz to create and publish a brand new EP under their inspiring and motivational project known as HELLO DILLY. In 2018, I had the pleasure of helping HELLO DILLY with a wildly successful warehouse party that was set in the heart of downtown Chicago – back then Milan had a plan, a vision, and a dream, and it makes me happy to see that he’s still chasing this bright future. 

The Everyone Wanders EP is a prime example of how producers are fully capable of stretching out their production abilities to craft whatever sound is resonating with their hearts the second they open their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The three track project gives us some insight to the sounds that are bouncing around in Patel and Michalowicz minds, and I’m honestly glad that I’m still alive to hear the tale. I think when they decided on the name, Everyone Wanders, for their new EP, they might have been referring to the concept that we all wander around in this universe searching for different ways to express ourselves and showcase our energy and love in a unique way that will be remembered for years to come.

High There” serves as the perfect eclectic Electro-House banger designed to get all listeners moving and grooving no matter where they may be. Take the warning seriously – if you’re in line at the DMV, studying for a big Summer final exam, or making your next move in your weekly chess game down by the Statue of Liberty, you might break out in a funky dance that will surely surprise everyone around you. I hope they release an extended version of this tune for all House music lovers to DJ with!

Up next, HELLO DILLY shows off their downright relatable and powerful tune known as “BLISS” which takes us back to the Punk Rock days where all we knew was powerful guitar solos, headbanging, and a little bit of pain caused by a lover. We’ve all been at that point in our life where a troubling love wanders in and out of our lives unexpectedly – and sometimes putting our thoughts together about such beautiful yet confusing time might seem impossible. But HELLO DILLY has managed to craft together a set of lyrics that really hold close to some memories that I’ve put away in the back of my mind, “And time keeps on slipping, as my hand escapes your hold, I feel the distance, but I hate to let you go.” And as you look back on these tough times, you can form a deep appreciation for the love that was once shared with you and the special someone who isn’t in your life as much anymore, but hopefully still calls you from time to time to say HELLO. I really like the fact that HELLO DILLY reached out to Cleveland vocalist Blossom Reynolds to show off his talents on “Bliss.” This tune couldn’t have been more special!

Last, but certainly not least is a special Dance music banger that was meant to make movers and groovers hit the dance floor all around the world. Whether you’re in the hottest night clubs in Ibiza, or a wild and exotic pool party in Las Vegas, “Running Away” will get everyone in the crowd hugging their closest and newest friends as they think about the beautiful times they’re sharing far away from their respective homes hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.

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HELLO DILLY, Where you guys at, let’s party!

– Zyven

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