Ladies and gentlemen the day is finally here. We have now reached a point of no return, Crowell and Codd Dubz are taking their Chop Drop Tour to debut in the good ol’ District of Columbia for east coast ravers to enjoy. This incredible event is being organized by Bassline and our good friends over at Mushmouth Media. We cannot tell you how long we’ve been waiting for this show, and now our chance to see Codd Dubz for the first time is practically around the corner. We just saw both producers perform last night in Philly for the Castaway Pirate Massive, which was insane to say the least. This DC show is going down in history, we feel it in our bones.

       The event is taking place on Saturday, May 27th at the Eden Lounge (1716 I St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20006). Opening artists include the likes of Bassdread, Dizzy and Kane. On top of that, New Jersey Riddim womp-a-tron Gram Greene is set to perform for an hour at 11:30. You DO NOT want to miss out on that. Crowell and Codd Dubz hit the stage at 12:30 for an exciting 2.5 hour set. We can only imagine that each artist will perform for a full hour, and the last thirty minutes will be saved for a grimey B2B. We sure hope they bring along some special guests since Philly is only 3 hours away. What if Subtronics or Al Ross popped up? We can only dream. You can RSVP Here to show off where you’re partying tonight. Save a hassle at the door? Purchase Your Tickets Here today!

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