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Crowell Drops Flames This Summer With “Tank Mode” and “Graves VIP”

  It couldn’t have been more than ten days ago that I was sitting curb side with one of the Carolina’s greatest producers to date, talking about music and his life plans to move out west. Crowell is known for his highly technical style that infuses a touch of robotic chaos and deep frightening growls which generates a top notch product every time he opens up his production software. Over the past few weeks, Manny has been slaving away in the studio to build up his stacked collection of unreleased heavy hitting tunes that are set to have headbangers and Wobble masters bouncing around no matter where they come across this Charlotte OG’s productions. Not too long ago, Crowell managed to out north a spicy 6 minute VIP of his filthy tune “Graves” which released on the LEGENDS EP earlier this year. This robust new rendition of Graves can recently dropped on the infamous Dirtysnatcha Promotions, and can be downloaded for Free for all your listening, chopping and double dropping pleasures. Enjoy.

Also. Also. Also…
I feel like it would be a sin to not mention the brand new creation that Crowell has just put together for the masses to enjoy. He’s calling it “Tank Mode“, a special tune inspired by one of Crowell’s favorite characters in the great MMO known as Overwatch. If we know anything about Overwatch related tunes (such as Virtual Riot’s “Dragons“) they have the potential of being really filthy and packed with grimy sounds that you wouldn’t hear in a typical Dubstep tune. But Crowell isn’t your typical Dubstep producer – hear him pay homage to everyone’s favorite tank/turret, Bastion! as Crowell rips apart his newest single with a variety of robotic, frequency shifting reverberations worth hearing. Smash that Play Button below and make sure to share this track with all your headbanger and wobble monster friends, they will certainly appreciate you!

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