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Crowell Remixed One of my Favorite Tunes of All Time

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I said one of your favorite words of all time in the title above, didn’t I? C R O W E L L. Better known as the Riddim legend from North Carolina who paved a way for underground artists within the Grime, Riddim and Bass community to express themselves within this wildly expansive and incredible community. I love listening to SoundCloud while I do my random everyday activities, and I really like the fact that random new tunes will pop up according to what I initially hit play on. Well low and behold, on top of creating a bunch of swampy and crunchy new tunes such as “On the Edge” and “F U“, Crowell has decided to remix one of the dopest Flix and Motus collabs to ever hit this planet.

I’ve always really liked the idea behind “Clear Cut” – whether you’re a cybernetic being from the distant lands of Belgium, or an alien primarily composed of liquids from Michigan, or a dedicated chef from Quebec, its every chopmaster’s goal to keep their flow clear, consistent, and above all, gruesome. I believe that Quebec City’s FLIX and Sherebrooke’s MOTUS beyond delivered when they created this special tuna. But beware Crowell’s remix might summon a few undesirable creatures if you play it at the right frequency – grab your Space Gun for extra protection (just in case).

I’m glad to see you thriving more than ever Manny, never stop crafting the heavy hitting firepower that you know and love.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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