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CharlesTheFirst, No Dimmer.

Just as oceans swell,

in tides of drifting stillness;

and barreling waves collapse,

with all consuming fervor.

As Sierra Nevada river valleys,

dart swiftly in changing haste;

and currents of fluid white water,

cascade with tranquil grace;

such is the rhythmic flow of CharlesTheFirst.

Commonly known as @ctfbeats, or Charles Elias Ingalls, this mountain born musical orator sees the world through miles of rich awe-inspiring forests brimming with life, finding limitless muse in the vast expanse of nature’s stupefying beauty.

In previous album “The Ascent” Charles likens his masterful cadential control to the organic pulse of rivers; “no matter where you’re at just know, gotta get up in the river if you want to catch the flow” and it’s this verse that I believe resonates throughout all of his music, echoing all the more powerfully with the release of his most recent EP “No Dimmer.”

In this six track work of art, Ingalls once again increases the ante, reinstating his unfailing ability to improve upon a seemingly un-improvable musical aptitude. The brilliant storyteller conveys comforting sonic narratives of emotional potency, brilliantly juxtaposing atmospheric phrases of scenic mountaintops to deep valleys of rugged synth distortion and booming bass grooves. With ease he slips between flows that change like river streams, and proves yet again that he has no intentions of becoming complacent as an artist. With just under one-hundred-thousand Spotify streams on the EP’s intro track, this dream-state sound tech is (to my complete and utter jubilance) rapidly growing the span of his reach to not only American bass communities, but music loving communities all around the world.

Courtesy: Charles’ Facebook

In “No Dimmer” the expert sound audiates the rhythm of life, with its whimsical rise and fall between euphoric peaks of punctuality and tumbling avalanches of unexpected syncopation. The project exposes a time of extensive growth, where Ingalls profoundly articulates intimacy and truth, adventures further into the rhythmic variation he first introduced with “The Ascent“, and offers limitless interpretive value that will absolutely stand firm against the test of time.

Bringing over his passion for lyrical elements from side-project “Hawk.” Charles slowly but surely incorporates his smooth, humble flow, and it’s in the project’s title track “No Dimmer“, that we find him FINALLY joining forces with the refreshingly unique and immaculately poised Philadelphia lyricist Chynna. The two artists share similar artistic integrity, and together tap into a reserved but powerful lyrical aura that paints pictures of depth, and effectively conveys the type of emotion that can only be found on the climb up out of the lowest lows life has to offer.

This is the remix Charles did that brought them together <3

No matter the project, I constantly listen in awe of the old soul’s ability to produce with cunning accuracy, even the most indescribable emotional states, often narrating entire novels without even speaking a word.

In “No Dimmer,” we find Charles presenting audial expositions of trying times, uncovering kaleidoscopic glimpses into hope’s constant struggle with consuming shadows of doubt. With meticulous precision, Ingalls tucks abrasive distortion between crevices of dreamlike atmospheric synthesis, filling stereophonic space with nothing less than every part of his soul, eloquently revealing moments in time captured to highlight life’s constant and often unforgiving flood of checks and balances.

The transparent storyteller exposes illuminating truth through powerful melodies, bold passion-filled bass movements, compelling harmonic progression, as well his own unique and distinctive foley sounds. It is the culmination of several years dedicated to musical production and artistry that places Charles Elias Ingalls in peaks atop the growing density of talent within the ever-saturating music industry. With the release of “No Dimmer“, Charles reminds his audience that light remains, and though darkness lunges with consuming relentlessness, our potential to overcome is absolutely limitless.

Photo Credits: The Untz

A brilliant melodic mind with an ever-growing volume of sonic narratives and rhythmically transcended low end philosophies,

A surefire messenger of the finest harmonies and tranquilizing atmospheres to grace the northern hemisphere,

A meticulous architect specializing in the creation of stereophonic auditoriums of atmosphere, each crafted in fullness with utmost attention to detail.

A wise orator who’s stories speak volumes yet need not a single word,

A passionate artisan whose creations have, for several years, existed as soundscapes to my life’s most memorable moments,

constantly changing,




a recipient of my utmost appreciation and respect, Charles Elias Ingalls aka Charlesthefirst.

Check out his website for music, tour dates, and all the plugs for different streaming sites and social media accounts!

If you still haven’t heard this project in its entirety, do yourself a favor and find a couple moments to sit down, put away social media, and listen all the way through…. As it has been and still remains, you’ll find something new to be heard on each listen; sometimes in the smallest corners of breakdowns, or even hiding in the midst of ethereal multi-layer atmospheric builds. 

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