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[Music Announcement] Curren$y Set to Release Andretti 10/30

     October is Coming To an End — Spitta Does It Right

     It’s that time of the month again ladies and gentlemen. After a night full of Voodoo Festival activities, we are honorably sitting here in this random New Orleans parking lot sharing the good news with the world: Curren$y the Hot Spitta is releasing a new mixtape.1030

     He’s made it his mission this year to drop a mixtape literally, every.single.month! That’s incredible, but not surprising coming from a man who already had an arsenal of mixtapes under his belt prior to January of this incredibly long 2016 year. Last month was Andretti 9/30.. The month before that was Revolver, and the month before that was Weed & Instrumentals 2. So basically we can expect nothing but fire on this follow up EP. Andretti 10/30 drops at 10:30 PM on, play that sh*t till the sun rises. Happy Halloween.



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