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Curren$y And Jet Life Stop By Charlotte (Concert Review!)

Curren$y Brings Out His Army of Jet Life Veterans for the Pilot Talk 3 Tour in Charlotte

      The Fillmore Charlotte was covered in clouds of haze last Thursday night as Curren$y stopped by to perform with Corner Boy P on his Pilot Talk 3 Tour; I wouldn’t be lying if I said that just about every person in the room had a lighter in their hand at some point in the night.


      To everyone’s surprise, Curren$y, who also goes by Spitta, not only brought out Corner Boy P; he also brought out new Jet Life artists T.Y. & Le$, as well as the Jet Life OG who’s been affiliated with the New Orleans record label the crew from the beginning, Young Roddy. And who could forget the beautiful DJ Bombshell Boogie who held down the boards for the smooth yet action packed 2 hour show.

boogie baby

     The night was started off with T.Y., who also goes by “Son of a Gangsta”, a reference to his father B.G. a rapper from the New Orleans who signed to Cash Money Records in the early 90s . T.Y., just 19 years old, made his first appearance in the Queen City as he kicked off his set with “See Me Ball,” a track from Jet Life’s Organized Crime mixtape. The young hustler went on to perform another hit from Organized Crime, known as “Fully Loaded”, T.Y.’s anthem… up until the release of his debut mixtape Son Of A Gangsta You could hear the real Jet Life fans join T.Y. in singing the hook “If you want some, you can get some. If you want some, you can get some!”


     A few other jams that T.Y. performed included “Make Ya Move,” and two tracks, “Feel Me” and another chorus catcher “Dough,” off Jet Life’s other 2014 mixtape, World Wide Hustlers. Last but not least T.Y. got the crowd groovin’ to his Rastafari themed track off Son of A Gangsta, “Rasta Music;” T.Y. and Young Roddy, who is featured on the song, released a music video for it at the beginning of March. Talk about a good year for T.Y.

     Shortly after T.Y. finished his last song, another New Orleans native and new member of the Jet Life crew,Le$, came out on stage to perform some hits off his uniquely crafted mixtapes “Ace” and “Steak x Shrimp: Vol I.”

     Sporting a Chicago “Cups”shirt and a matching red fitted from his own clothing brand “Steak and Shrimp,” Le$ hit the stage and gave the crowd a taste of his clever lyrics, and a flow like nothing Charlotte’s ever heard before. When I say Le$ is on the come up, I mean it, and with support from friends like Curren$y and there’s no way he won’t achieve the world wide recognition he deserves. L-e-Dolla performed a few tracks including “The Cleaners” and “Come Up,” tracks that speaks on Le$’s success and ambitions. His Steak and Shrimp hit “Diamondz” has catchy chorus that doesn’t take much to pick up, making it the perfect song to perform. Le$ also did another SxS track called “Forever Trill.” And yes, he’s a Pimp C fan.


     Like many of his Jet Life companions, Le$ was featured on both the World Wide Hustlers and Organized Crime mixtapes. If you haven’t come around to listen to these tapes, don’t worry, you still have time, isn’t going anywhere.

     Following Le$’s chill yet impactful set, was a 30 minute turnt up, smoked out, set by longtime Jet Life member Corner Boy P.


     Corner Boy P who sometimes goes by Fendi P, was definitely ready for his return to NC, his previous show being Greensboro in 2012. He’s really good at getting the crowd engaged in his performance; I even let loose a little when he did his World Wide Hustlers track, “Yea H**,” its eerie beat sounds like something that Juicy J would have rapped on in 2006, which is dope.

      In 2012 Curren$y released his first album under Warner Bros. Records known as the Stoned Immaculate where Spitta and Corner Boy dropped “Sunroof” a catchy “high” spirited track that samples Brazilian singer Arthur Verocai’s “Na Boca do Sol;” and it’s arguably my favorite song off the album. P let everyone in the crowd have a taste of his verse on the track, all I have to say is I’m sorry for anybody who missed it.

     “It’s not c***ck man it’s just w**d!” – Corner Boy P (to the event staff),

      After hyping the crowd up for Curren$y’s performance, as well as criticizing the event staff for giving some kid a hard time for smoking, Fendi P bounced off stage and let the crowd build anticipation for the realest performance they would ever see.

      I had a feeling that the set I was waiting for was getting ready to start when the lights dimmed, and Miss Bombshell Boogie turned the music back up. I could hear crooning and mumbling emanate from the Fillmore’s vibrant speakers, not uncommon for Spitta, this is how he lets everyone know that’s he getting ready to go hard and rap; which is a cool way to get the crowd hyped if you ask me.

spitta smoke

      The highlight of the evening kicked off with “Drug Prescription,” a banger off of Spitta’s most recent mixtape “More Saturday Night Car Tunes.” As Curren$y walked out on stage, the crowd got louder as everyone peeped Spitta wearing a Charlotte Hornets jacket and fitted hat. No one can say that this man doesn’t show North Carolina some love.

      Curren$y shows are unique simply because of the way the he integrates himself with the crowd, constantly calling out to the crowd exchanging lyrics with the die-hards who know about every single line to every song, even the ones from the Cash Money days (Yessir, if you are just now finding out that Curren$y used to be in Cash Money back in the day, then you’ve missed out on some good Lil Wayne collabs.) Spitta didn’t hold back on the fan-favorites off his popular Pilot Talk series, rappin out joints such as Famous and King Kong; and for classics like Michael Knight, Curren$y would silence himself for a sliiiight second just to hear over a thousand people yell “KNIGHT.” It must be fun to have that super power.


      With a catalogue filled with hundreds of songs, it’s damn near impossible to predict what Spitta will play at one of his shows. However this was my third time seeing the Jet Life general perform, so I had a slight idea as to what the crowd wanted to hear. Covert Coup, released in 2011, fully produced by one of the most active producers in hip-hop, the Alchemist, features tracks such as Life Instructions and Smoke Break one of Curren$y’s most recognized songs off the tape Covert Coup. Even though I don’t know the words to all of his music, I was able to remember a few key lyrics to some of my personal favorites, one of them being “High Tunes” off Verde Terrace, another 2011 Curren$y gem.

i see u eatin all the cookies

     After performing for a about a half hour, Spitta took a quick break to let Young Roddy, one of his closest companions in the music industry, take the stage.

    Roddy did his thing. He opened up his set with a Still Trynna Get It, a track from his Good Sense 2 mixtape that basically speaks on his never ending desire to become rich. He’s a rapper that understands the true concept of quality over quantity having only released four mixtapes in his career. Young Roddy is also known for his version of Biggie’s Ten Crack Commandments, he calls it Crack BC. If you’ve listened to this song before then you’ve more than likely already memorized all ten commandments, ‘cause this joint is banger.

     His most recent mixtape, Legal Dealing received a lot of positive reviews online, the performance forForgive You didn’t disappoint. The look on his face when he heard the crowd react to the funky high pitched intro to the Jet Life hit, 1st Place, was priceless. You could definitely tell that Roddy was happy to be back in the presence of his North Carolina supporters.


     Back on the stage sporting his black and white Cruise Life CC gear, Spitta was ready to do some more raps for the Queen City Jets Lifers. Before hitting the rest of his set, he asked the crowd if we still bumped How Fly. A Spitta show isn’t really a Spitta show until he performs at least one song from his infamous collab album with Wiz Khalifa that was released in 2009. If you’re new to the Curren$y game, then once again, head on over to Datpiff and hit the download button while you finish reading the end of this review of course.


     While I can’t cover every song Spitta performed (because it felt like there were about thirty), I was still coherent enough to recognize Curren$y and Le$ perform their song “$ Migraine” off another one of my favorite tapes (I have a few) The Drive In Theater. The mood in the room calmed down when Spitta performed Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet off the five track EP “Cigarette Boats.” He also did a couple of songs off the one of the most talked about mixtapes of 2013 “New Jet City” which features a huge range of artists like Styles P, Rick Ross, Trinidad James and more. Spitta picked “Choosin” and “Sixteen Switches Pt. II.”


     If you haven’t been to a Curren$y concert yet, make a little room in your calendar, grab some homies, grab some goodies, and head to a show, you will not regret it.

  • Zyven Sobkowski (TW: @NotZyven) (IG: @TheCharlotteSessions)

Photography by Michael Tepedino IG: @MTepedino10

Follow the Jet Life crew: @Currensy_Spitta, @OhYouBGson @Young_Roddy @Settle4LES @CornerBoyP

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Bonus: Caption This Photo of Spitta

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