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Cut Rugs & Toadface Do Wonders on New Collaboration

     Who would have known that Asheville’s very own mind-bending psychedelic experimental producer Cut Rugs would join forces with the swamp monster who’s been terrorizing the sewers of Dayton, Ohio known as Toadface, to put forth collaborative efforts and make a new single together? Could this relationship have developed at the October 12thFar From the Tree Tour stop that took place at the New Mountain AVL venue, or should we give thanks to Thazdope Records for housing releases from both artists in the past? No matter how they managed to create this relationship, Cut Rugs and Toadface have definitely pushed the “weird boundary” with their new collab “Hit My Line” a cannabis friendly tune that speaks on the relationship that every smoker has with their plug, but in a wonkified, technical, swagged out manner – the two young producers basically make you feel like you’re walking through the streets of Washington DC during one of their prop i-71 compliant events, except in the year 2035. If you’re a fan of the strange, peculiar, and dangerously catchy style that Toadface and Cut Rugs have developed over the years, then you will definitely enjoy their newest tune “Hit My Line“! Hit the play button below and be sure to grab that Free Download today!

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