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Dancing Through the Motions of Life with French Creator: Hidden Face

   I woke up today feeling motivated. I’m finally back in North Carolina, I get to sleep in my own bed, and cook on my own stove – I get to breathe our fresh air, and see my local friends. It’s nice to be home. One of my friends from my hometown, a fella named Collin, is constantly sending me new music that help keep afloat in this stressful journey that we call life. While I did kick off my morning with some groundbreaking Riddim from Australia’s BINXX, my mood was completely shifted as I clicked a link that led me to a brand new, spicy rhythm induced single created by the likes of a French producer who goes by the name of Hidden Face. Thirty seconds into the fresh project titled “Next to You“, off his I Am Nobody EP, and all I want to do is teleport straight to a Parisian nightclub where the vibes seem solely focused on the beat of the music and the dance motions riddled throughout crowd. Hidden Face wears a mask because he is nobody, yet everybody at the same time. He is the past, he is the present, he is the future.

  It’s been a while since I’ve heard any artist match the sensual and seductive vibes that give artists like ZHU and Malaa that mass worldwide late night appeal. But Hidden Face has cooked up his own delicious recipe of hip moovin’, soul stealing, mind altering Dance music that must absolutely be shared with the world. His music makes me feel oddly mystical, as if the only reality that existed was made up of nothing but music, love, and dancing. A few other singles that have really caught my attention include “I am not the one i wanna be“, Nightmares“, and Midnight“. If you’re a fan of discovering new artists with a special taste for rhythm and soul, then look no further, because Hidden Face is ready to take you on a journey unlike no other.

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