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Dancing With a Stranger: When Sam Smith and Normani Unite

The lights are dim but the eccentric visuals beaming off the massive LED display are bright enough to let you see her face – you’ve never been so amazed until the moment you laid eyes on this beautiful creature grooving not but five feet away from you. All the sudden you lock eyes.. And you can’t seem to break the gaze, you know what happens next. It’s time to dance. 

     The other day I was graciously swaying away to an incredible collaboration between two very talented internationally known vocalists. “Dancing With a Stranger” made its way to my spirit on that obscure yet impactful Wednesday, and I’m quite excited to say that the fusion of these gifted artists produced one of the finest ensembles of sound I have ever heard. Sam Smith, as many of you know, is a groundbreaking singer from London who is responsible for singles like “Way too Good at Goodbyes“, “I’m Not the Only One” and “Latch“, which was crafted with the Disclosure boys. The other artist pouring her soul out in the booth is non other than New Orleans, Louisiana’s very own Normani – an artist with a powerful and emotive voice who has created absolute bangers with creative artists such as Khalid and Calvin Harris.

     The premise of “Dancing With a Stranger, is up to the imagination of the listener. In my mind, it has something to do with a pain that was caused your significant other – a pain so powerful that it drives you to the point where you end up on the dance floor locking eyes with an incredible creature that you’ve never met before. Naturally, this ocular encounter leads to an intimate and special dance between two complete and utter strangers. But, again, the way this song is interpreted is completely up to the listener. Maybe you’re not hurting, and in fact, just met someone attractive at the club. But this explanation is boring and a lot less dramatic – so we’ll stick with the first one. I am very thankful for Diplo’s Revolution for introducing this special song to me! 

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It’s Okay to Dance With a Stranger From Time To Time, Just Don’t Tell My Mom

– Zyven

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