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[Listen Here] Datsik & 12th Planet – “Party in the Sewer”

The Godfathers of Dubstep Are Back At It

    Kelowna’s OG DATSIK and LA Bass Master 12th Planet have joined forces to release a dopenew single off the new Shellshock Legends EP recently released on Datsik’s Firepower Records label. The track leads in with aslow Jamaican themed verse that quickly turns into the most insane Riddim drop you can imagine. I’m talking CRAZY insane. It’s like they took a sick new genre that’s recently gotten a lot of attention this year, and meshed it with the heavy patterns and beats that have been developed by these dubstep warriors over the last 8+ years. Do yourself a favor and BLAST “Party in The Sewer.”

     Other artists featured on this new EP include other Firepower veterans Minesweepa, AFK, Init & EH!DE, among other dope off label features like Funk4Mation, Goldplate & Hami. You buy the full Firepower Kamikaze EP here.

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