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Datsik, Wooli, Space Jesus, and Riot Ten Will Tear Apart DC This Friday

Who’s ready to face their ultimate doom and destruction this Friday? Ladies and gentlemen as many of you know, Datsik is bringing his Ninja Nation Tour to Washington DC on February 2nd, and we just can’t help but freak out over the fact that the show is taking place at the illustrious Echostage venue in the heart of DC. We recently had the opportunity to catch the tour at Pompano Beach Florida and needless to say, it was worth every painstaking minute driving another thousand miles in my tiny red Chevy. Sadly, we didn’t get to Club Cinema early enough to catch both Wooli and Riot Ten, so naturally I have to see the show once more. Last time I saw Datsik in the DMV area was at the infamous Ram’s Head venue in Baltimore, so now it’s time to pop my DC Datsik cherry! *muchexcite*    At the end of the night I managed to grab myself a tour stop T-shirt, and that’s when I met Chris Riot Ten and found out that he’s actually Mexican by descent. You know me folks, I love supporting Dubstep producers with foreign backgrounds, especially when they’re Hispanic. It’s always nice meeting a fellow Headbanger who speaks the 2nd most popular language in the US. We’re actually interviewing Riot Ten before the show, so if you’ve been dying and burning to ask the Texan a question, be sure to get at us on Twitter before Friday!

Shot by OmgitsMattyVee

     Without a doubt in the world, this show will sell out. If you want to experience a filthy Space Jesus direct support set, or catch Wooli throw down some bass bombs, or simply relive the Shogun in its fully, mysterious glory, then you should definitely hit up the Ninja Nation Tour this Friday in Washington DC. You can Purchase Your Tickets Here, and you can also RSVP in the Event Page Here. Don’t sleep on those tickets folks, you don’t want to be that raver who missed out on one of the most exciting shows that February has to offer.

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