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 It’s nearing the end of the month, and all I want to do my final days of November is to share some filth with all of you. Recently, Never Say Die: Black Label has been putting out a lot of heavy new tunes for fans to rage out to. Step aside ROUND Table, it’s time for some firepower from the UK based record label to take the spotlight (even though here at The Charlotte Sessions, we love everyone). The filth is what we’re searching for, and by Getorix I think we just found it. The new compilation of NSD freebies, Black Friday Vol.14 is now online, and it some serious heat from artists like UBER, BAR9, Zomboy, Megalodon, Aweminus. While every track displays the utmost amounts of heavy, raw, firepower, I wanted to focus on the new Definitive and Spag Heddy remixes on the new compilation.


How do you feel about the British terror we all know as Zomboy? You know, the guy with countless of heavy hitting singles under his belt, including his recent heater Invaders“? I personally think Josh Mellody is genuinely one of the most game changing producers in the Dubstep scene. Argue that all you want, but there’s a reason that the Dutch mastermind Spag Heddy took the time to remix the heck out of Zomboy’s anthem. If you were one of the lucky attendees of this year’s Lost Lands Music Festival, then you most likely experienced the raw bass power that Spag Heddy fed to his fans. The guy is known for taking something dangerously heavy, and making it ten times more aggressive and intricate, at least that’s how I feel about this new “Invaders” remix and all of his other music; don’t sleep on this one, because you’ll be hearing it played live a lot more often than you expect.


  As if the original version of “Under the Bed” wasn’t perfect enough already. I never expected to hear the strange sounds that Las Vegas based producer Aweminus put forth in his infamous Never Say Die release morphed in such a serious manner. The relationship that Aweminus and Definitive have developed is seemingly strong on and off the stage. I once caught the two performing back to back in Philly for an incredibly wonky pirate themed event put forth by The Kontrol Room, and I will never forget how badly I lost my sh*t once Aweminus and Definitive hit the stage. Whether or not Definitive had played out his peculiar rendition of “Under the Bed” is beyond my memory, but I sure hope to hear the growls and drops of this cleanly produced remix in a live setting very, very, soon. As a matter of fact Aweminus and Definitive are playing another special Philly event on the 16th of December. Fingers crossed that they drop this bad boy!

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