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Delcherro Has the Remedy You’re Looking For (Riddim Boat Exclusive)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another special Riddim Boat spotlight. As some of you may know, we dropped a very special compilation album on Thanksgiving Day caelld the Riddim Boat Volume One. We have gathered some of the illest producers alive to embark on a once in a lifetime journey with the Charlotte Sessions Audio familia. While this album features the many different styles of Riddim Dubstep, a crafty producer from the distant plains in Belgium managed to put together an absolutely incredible LoFi Riddim banger.

When I was telling one of my largest inspirations in this underground scene about the new project I had in mind, she immediately recommended that I give her friend Delcherro a listen. I told Mohno as a matter of fact, I’ve heard of this producer before“. Delcherro likes to implement a variety of different instruments in some of his creations – we get a little more attention on acoustic guitar notes and less on over glorified drums. “I’m Not Okay Part 2” is anything but a sad boi song. It’s the perfect tune for discovering that secret door in your attic that leads to an undiscovered world, or maybe even walking downtown late at night after having a few cotton candy Captain Morgan milkshakes with the homies. Nevertheless, your Riddim Bop, shoulder pop, hip swivelin’ moves will some come into play. That’s the kind of effect Delcherro has on his listeners.

Many blessings my friends,
All aboard on the Riddim Boat!

Next stop, Louisville, Kentucky!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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