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Destructive New Music by JAM P R D & Hi, I’m Ghost

  Controversial article ahead folks! This one is not for the faint of heart. Today I’d like to present you with one of the most prominent producers in the underground Dubstep scene, a man hailing all the way from Northampton, UK, the one and only Jam P R DMy heart is still broken because I had to choose adulting over catching JAM’s recent North America debut at the Philadelphia Target Practice, organized by non-other than NoDegree Collective and the Underground Division. But guess what? Just a few days ago I discovered that JAM released the full version to his hit tune “Guardians.” I can’t seem to help my self from skanking out in the most ridiculous fashion as I walk through my college campus. This intergalactic single is part of the Pandabeat Records  10K EP that just dropped a few short weeks ago. While the EP contains 10 filthy tracks from artists such as Lower, Kozik, and FlaxDubz, the Jam P R D single is my absolute favorite. Stream this nasty tuna below, and stomp the yard with your nearest mate, wontcha? Be sure to Hit that Free Download Button!

    On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve got a brand new single that recently just dropped on the Riddim Network. This heavy hitter was produced by non-other than the mysterious online sensation, Hi, I’m GhostThis track isn’t your typical “Riddim” banger. It features an array of strange yet graceful sounds that make up the perfect underground heater. My favorite part of the tune is when Bro-guy, brosefton shouts “Yo just please no more of that screechy sh*t” before the troll monster comes in and screams “Ha! Got EEEEEM.” From start to finish this 140 BPM breaker is an absolute must. The real question is, what kind of double drop can I make with this tune in my debut set in Chicago this Saturday? You can Download “Ruck Fiddim” for Free Here!

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