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East Coast Bass Wreckers, Devious and Cybin Quest, Release Nightmarish New Singles!


     What a good way to get the weekend going, with new music! Guess who just dropped a a heavy, grimey new tune? We’ve got the likes of North Carolina’s very own Devious coming in hotter than ever with bis most recent release on the infamous Drop Central record label. Devious has been known to arm himself with an arsenal of crazy crunk, head poppin productions that get played out in Charlotte on a regular basis. The Raleigh native gets his new single Disarray started off with a quiet, mysterious fluctuation of sounds that soon meet a mysterious laugh which means nothing but trouble. At first it, the tune gives off a club vibe that is soon shattered by a wet drop composed of countless sounds that I can’t even begin to describe. There’s a little bit of Trap, a little bit of Riddim, a little bit of Hardstyle – no heavy Bass genre gets left behind when Devious is on the beat. Grab a group of friends who appreciate new music and let the elephants roar away as you all enjoy the highly energized sounds of Devious. Hopefully we’ll be hearing this new heater tonight at the JPhelpz and Chime show in Greensboro! Keep the hot sh*t coming Devious!


    If you haven’t started shaking that bum of yours to the melodic, bass heavy vibes on Cybin Quest’s new single Octogone” then you’re doing something octowrong. No, no sympathy laughs for that one? Well forget about my crummy jokes and listen to some new Dubstep instead. Cybin Quest is a producer from Northern Virginia who has a knack for creating intricate and vibrant sounds for all to hear. The track starts of with a serene pattern that carries a heavy Zomboy vibe to its construction. Once the dial tones and sharp rise kick in, an irresistible drop takes over your speakers as a series of growls, lazers, and robotic yelps come into play to make up 3 minutes and 50 seconds of pure, deep sea, heavy artillery. I highly regret missing Cybin Quest’s set at the recent Monxx show in Washington DC; but now I know what I’ll be dealing with once I see him on the next bill! Click the Play Button below to rage out with myself and Cybin Quest on his new single “Octogone,” today.

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