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Devious, The Raleigh Massage Dubstep Producing Therapist from the Future

I tell you what folks – North Carolina is such a special place to live in. Over the past several years, I have come to know and love so many different producers from both of the Carolinas. And it makes me proud to know that they’re working so hard to better their sound and make sure it spreads around the world like butter on a piece of toast. I have the pleasure of calling a certain producer from the capital of our state, a friend. Sean of Devious is by far one of the friendliest and most positive creatures to ever land on this planet from a meteor shower that took place over two decades ago. You don’t have to take my word for it – if you ever meet a tall blonde hair guy wearing a beanie and glasses, sporting a fancy Mr. Monopoly beard, it’s Sean.

If you will direct your attention to the SoundCloud link below, you will see a very eye-catching single cover that sparks thousands of curious questions in my head. Is that a time machine I’m looking at? Do you have to step inside in order to experience this so called warp? Why is this song so incredibly filthy? I can’t stop bopping my head to the bird chirps and low end bass growls – but what I really want you folks to do is to brace yourself for the second drop. This is a certified banger folks. Big ups to the DramaClubRecs gang for releasing my homies’ tune. Now excuse me while I find wherever I parked my spaceship.

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– Zyven

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