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Diamonds Are A Freaks Best Friend [A Champagne Drip Special]

     People say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and even though that is definitely not a true statement for someone like me… I’ve come to realize that diamonds can actually be a freaks best friend too – this pair seems far more fitting. After stumbling upon Champagne Drip on Spotify this summer while I let my computer run on shuffle (shout out to Spotify for automatically playing new songs when your playlist ends) I heard Of Course I Still Love You and felt like I was literally a queen swimming in a sea of glistening diamonds – this tune led me to dive more into Champagne’s music. That’s when I realized the track hadn’t even reached the great part yet, woah. Not only does Champagne Drip have a unique sound to him that completely reflects his name in some of many of his tracks, but he also switches up his style with that slow filthy experimental bass that will leave anyone who listen with an intense stank face – I imagine them stomping around to the sounds of Champagne Drip in their living room by themselves, which is an exact picture of me on the daily. I probably even scare some of my roommates, but they’ll live.

     Champagne Drip also contributes impressive remixes such as You & Me with Bassnectar and W. Darling that even made it onto the NVSB remixes album in 2014. He also has amazing remixes by my other favorites such as Liquid Stranger, LUZCID and Zeds Dead. I’m almost mad at myself for not giving him the attention I should have all of these years but there’s really no time limit in the music world and oldies are definitely still goodies.

To get a little more current with Champagne Drip, in late July, the Los Angeles native released a four-track project named Obelisk, which contains the weird wubs I know all you freaks out there are craving for – so you’ll definitely want to check this beauty out.

To make it a little easier for you, here is a list of my favorite remixes/tracks and I hope you too, find yourself swimming in a wonderful sea of weird bass.

LUZCID – “Sing Me To Sleep”

Drop It Like It’s Champagne

Champagne Drip – “The Portal”

Zeds Dead & Diplo – Blame 

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I’ll have some Drip with that Champagne please!

– Colleen

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