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Dion Timmer Loves Giving His Fans That Special Feeling of Nostalgia [New Double EP]

   It’s time to bring back those old school Lost Lands vibes. I use the term old school loosely, but I know one day we’ll be looking back at days like these, where heavily influential producers who morphed our experience at Excision’s infamous music festival, release new projects worth listening to for the rest of our lives. Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you, my friends, the proper nostalgic vibes that you’ve been searching for. It’s safe to say that Dion Timmer’s new Double EP, Very Extra, will have true fanatics of Electronic Music buzzing through their living rooms, on their car rides to work, or even at a kickback with some friends – this project is truly special, and the energy that Dion emits through his writing is next level.

      It takes a special mindset to put out a project that features two completely unique styles – the Very Extra project is just that, a mission for Dion Timmer to project his double sided nature, all within one double length tape. The last man that I heard take an approach similar to Dion’s was Tiedye Ky with his Color Palette EP. The first half of the EP displays Dion’s knack for hitting his supporters right in the feels – tunes such as Endlessly Playable Dynamic Sounds” and “Calling Me” capture the essence of appealing to our lighter, more tamable blue side. But as soon as you reach track number six, “Dreaming Out Loud“, the project takes a complete, 360 degree twist as Dion Timmer introduces his heavy hitting persona that attracts the likes of headbangers and Riddim robots all over the world.

      I’ve been smiling from start to finish ever since I hit that play button that began my Very Extra adventure. Your neck will rock, your shoulders will most certainly pop, and your hips might do some funky moves that you weren’t expecting to bust out on this snowy Sunday evening. While I have to say that my absolute favorite tunes on this project were “Calling Me” and “Very Extra“, you may have a completely different opinion! This is what I love about music – we all get to have our own perspective. Needless to say, you will not regret hitting that play button below – and most certainly be ready to hear some of this beautiful and grimy tunes in a live setting near you!

BONUS: Dion Timmer – Neon Mix Vol. 4

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Dion Timmer, Don’t Ever Stop!

– Zyven

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