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Dirt Monkey & Space Jesus FINALLY Release Long Awaited Collab

  What’s the longest you’ve ever been without a steady home? How long have you been forced to move from couch to couch because the universe just isn’t letting you have your way? Two weeks? A month? Like the universe isn’t letting anything go your way, and you’re just left to wook it out however you possibly can. Well according to the poor soul singing away in Space Jesus and Dirt Monkey’s newest single, he’s been “Lost for six months, Sofa Surfin” but he’s not taking it too hard. Embrace it! Appreciate the ones who take you in! But when your homies won’t look after you in your time of need, that’s when sh*t gets real.

   “Sofa Surfin” starts off with a funky, emotional, beat accompanied with some sexy piano keys “If I can’t leave Earth I’ll at least roam the surface” before that signature Dirty Monkey style wobble drop kicks in. This new tune was released on Liquid Stranger’s record label Wakaan as a surprise to the world. While I haven’t heard Space Jesus play out this track before, I remember talking to Jeezy (and Zeke Beats can confirm) at Moonshine about this new collab with the Colorado native, and ironically enough, Dirt Monkey grabs the mic and says “Yo this is a new collab I have with Space Jesus.” We Sofa Surfed all throughout the crowd because those two minutes were absolute FIRE. I know you won’t have an issue making it to the second drop, but if you’re just taking a sneak peek at the song, do yourself a favor and play it through to the end, it’s that good.,

Oh, would you believe me if I told you that, to complement the amazing new track” Liquid Stranger also released his own remix of “Sofa Surfin” on Wakaan? It has a different dynamic to it than the original – this remix is basically a calling to all headbangers across the world. If you didn’t listen to the original on your loudest set of speakers, then I definitely suggest saving this one for home, your neighbors will love to hear the remix!

Come Sofa Surf with Dirt Monkey as he makes his way to the Fillmore Charlotte on November 25th with a massive group of Dubstep homies, Bear Grillz, Kompany, and PhaseOne. The American Freakshow Tour is not a joke.

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