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Dirt Monkey Set To Release Fire New EP on Disciple Round Table This Friday

   Friends I’m not sure about you, but I’m quite excited to finally hear high quality, downloadable versions, of some new heavy hitters that Colorado’s very own Dirt Monkey has been teasing in his live sets the past couple of months. As many of you know, Dirt Monkey is dropping a new EP this week. The last time I saw the Raw producer drop some super hot fire on a crowd was at the second installment of West Virginia’s very own Clustxr Festival. Patrick [Dirt Monkey] looks at me, laughs, and says “Oh hey I made a Riddim song.” I busted out laughing because, as my close friends know, on a boat party that took place a few months ago in New Jersey during the two night Basslantic special event, Dirt Monkey shouted through a microphone “There’s a no Riddim policy on the boat.

   This bold statement, that only a few, select people were around to hear (because we were setting up) is what started the great Charlotte Sessions – Dirt Monkey Feud of 2017, that came to end as soon as he told me he made some Riddim. In all seriousness, I have a lot of love for this guy. He’s an exceptional producer and his recent releases on the new Bass music label, Disciple Round Table, showcase exactly what Dirt Monkey is capable of; and best of all, how incredible his new Wobble Like This EP is set to be! Earlier this year he dropped an amazing album on Ganja White Night’s Subcarbon label, titled Wubula, in addition to other great releases like his collab with DMVU,Dolphin Safe” or his first Disciple Round Table release with Shank Aaron and Born I Music What It Is.” But what really matters are the first two singles off that new EP that is set to release on October 20th!  The first single on the Dirt Monkey’s new project is titled “Kingpin.” Dirt Monkey the only thing you’re slingin’ is super hot fire audio dope sir. This new track is exactly what you throw in your set to get a crowd rowdy, that first drop and string of wobbles will have you on the floor quicker than taking 6 shots of absinth back to back.

    The next track is also nothing short of mind boggling. I actually like the fact that Dirt Monkey included his longtime partner in crime, another fellow Colorado native, Bassnectar’s inspiration to production (bold statement, sue me), JANTSEN. “Hot Sauce” is the perfect tune you play while working on your newest dance routine. “This is definitely a twerk inspired track, as a hyped up voice shouts “Put yo back in to it!,” before a group of guys yell “Lick that Ass like Hot Sauce!.” It soon meets its doom as the drop takes over. I definitely recommend hitting play below!

 The other two tracks of this four piece EP include “Dub5tep 101” and BAR9’s remix of “What It Is.” You can Pre-order the Album Today and show your support to the badmon, I know I’ll be copping it!

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