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Disciple Recordings Brings About a New Era of Dubstep

    Who’s ready for some new music? Los Angeles based record label, Disciple Records has been under fire lately by Never Say Die/Black Label founder SKisM for imitating the UK based labels’ tactics. Whether it’s the similar track covers, or the recent establishment of Disciple’s Sister label Disciple Round Table, the LA boys Myro, and Dodge & Fuski are speculated to be stirring the Riddim pot. In spite of the many critics who have been analyzing the whole ordeal, Disciple Round Table’s, first release, “Knights of the Round Table Vol. 1” has seen major success, collectively racking up over 1-million plays on Soundcloud between the 22 tracks on the compilation. Not to mention several tracks such as “Ball Licker by MurDa, Infekt’s Glock Dance,” and Virtual Riot’s “Degenerates” have been popular choices for recent live mixes. This is definitely a compilation worth listening to, as it shines light on a lot of rising producers such as Aweminus, Definitive, Graphyt, and Boy Kid Cloud.

   Disciple Round Table is focus is putting the spotlight on several underground artists such as Yakz, Chibs, and MurDa, as well as Disciple Records OG’s like Dubloadz, Myro, and Barely Alive. The release album consists primarily of Riddim based tracks, providing a blend of wonky and twisted sounds with meatier synths that showcase a more repetitive approach to bass music. The genre is most commonly known for causing uncontrollable head bobbing among its listeners.

 A prime example of a heavy Riddim tune would be Chibs latest release, “Earthworm Slim,” that came out a few days ago on “Knights of the Round Table Vol. 1.” Chibs has a very distinct and unique sound design, with sludgy sounds and swampy synths. You don’t want to sleep on this

    One of the most sought after Riddim tracks of 2017 is “93 Style” from Paris based Dubstep producer, Ivory, who saw a recent release on the compilation album. This new track has already gathered almost 100k plays on SoundCloud. The track features rap vocals from Virus Syndicate to prepare listeners for the coming madness, that is the drop. It’s a known fact that this energizing track was one of the most played out at songs at Lost Lands.

 The underground scene has always made an impression on many traditional dubstep producers, such as Dubloadz, with his recent AnswerD collab, “Sludge Monsters.” AnswerD is a French dubstep producer who primarily produces riddim, which becomes evident when listening to the sound design of this track. Sludge Monsters saw a release on Disciple Round Table and has many riddim heads hoping to hear similar sounding tracks from Dubloadz in the future.

    The Knights of the Round Table compilation album is something that was much needed by the Riddim Dubstep community. OG’s like Monxx, Phiso, Oolacile, Infekt, MurDa, Yakz and Aweminus are finally seeing the recognition they deserve by the broader Bass community through this impeccable release. It’s time for the underground to rise to the surface. Props to Disciple Recordings for making their music more accessible to Bassheads everywhere. To stream the entire compilation album click on the link below.

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