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Discovery: Lost Frequencies “Reality” (Take a Step Back and Count Your Blessings) In Honor of Colton and Sean

As I drive home to my beautiful, nature filled state of North Carolina, I let a beautiful new tune by an artist named Lost Frequencies on the Chill 53 Sirius XM station, completely fill up my heart. This weekend, I experienced the worst seizure of my entire life, and honestly I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it alive. But as I listen to the lyrics that “Reality” has to offer ‘I can fly high, I can go low, today I got a million, tomorrow I don’t know‘ all I can do is graciously thank my friends from Western Massachusetts, the Medics at Camp Bisco, and new friends like that night club owner named, Matthew from PA, who literally looked liked a combination of my brother and I, as if we had a third older brother who escaped NC a long time ago.

But as the serene, beach like, relaxation filled single blared throughout my speakers, I started thinking to myself that we never truly know if we will wake up tomorrow. Life is precious and every moment that we spend with someone is worth every penny and piece of gold in the world. Never stop helping eachother out, never stop loving eachother, and never stop caring about the progress that we as humans are making on a daily basis. Have a beautiful Monday my friends!

This piece is dedicated to our Western Massachusetts Electric Forest family, Colton, who just moved on to another life a few weeks ago. God bless you brother, all of your friends couldn’t stop talking about you! Especially Riley. Zeb loves you, Sean, Kyle and Pedro love you, Hannah loves you, Jeremy loves you, Erin adores ya and Ryan, Tanner and Snakey couldn’t miss you any more! I’m glad we got to go on that bathroom adventure together brother. Rest in Paradise!

    I also want to commemorate the one and only Sean Gregory from Richmond Virginia, who just left us for the gates of Heavem in the past month. Sean, you were one of the most adventurous people I know. Thank you for accepting me into your family, and raging so hard with me at Basscenter my dude! Carson, Andy, Dana, Scotty, Leighann, Monica myself and PLENTY other people truly loved you. Thank you for being such a Riddim lord, and such a nice friend. I couldn’t get enough of your all day, personalized snapchats that you would send me involving playing your Nintendo switch, or breaking into your own house, or turning up with your RVA family at the river. You will be missed brother!

Thanks again to Lost Frequencies for giving me the inspiration to start this day off with some literature. I was feeling really funky, but you definitely pulled me out.

Bless up!

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Always Create a Backup Plan Baby!

– Zyven

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