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Dizzy III and Thrax Teamed Up and Made This Heater (Beware)

It’s really interesting to see how music and art have brought people from different ends of this planet together. I’ve seen some of my producer friends travel the world to perform for people who enjoy their sound, and of course, it makes my heart really happy. In other cases, sometimes a pair of artists merely vibe because of how similar their views on the craft may be. Who knows the story on how this Texas-based producer maestro and one of Pittsburgh’s most blunted sound benders alive got together to create “Kraken Master,” because I would seriously like to find out. If you ask anyone from the DMV or Connecticut who recently got to see the wild style of Houston’s Dizzy III before all the craziness began, they would tell you that he’s an absolute monster on the decks. A few months ago, a man from Pittsburgh booked me to play an after party in my hometown. As soon as we start talking about Riddim, he asked me if I was familiar with Thrax Dubz (or Thrax for short) – my answer was simple. “Of course I know Thrax! He slaps!

The thought about how this union between Thrax and Dizzy III has been sitting in the back of my head for a few days now, so I decided to dig a little deeper and find out just exactly how these two heavy hitters came to meet one another. This is what the Steel City native had to say.

I was playing some of Dizzy’s tunes before we ever actually talked. We ended up becoming friends on Facebook and started chatting, we sent a few ideas back and forth but ended up scrapping most of the ideas we tossed each other – waited a few weeks then I sent him the start of ‘Kraken Master.’ We went for an OG Dubstep style intro, with some Svdden Death style long notes – we wanted to keep it Riddim but we wanted to make it different. We really just tried mashing a bunch of different ideas together and with that, the ‘Kraken Master’ came out of the ocean.”

And there you have it folks! Behind every powerful Riddim collab us a powerful Riddim tale. I’m certainly grateful that Dizzy III and Thrax are crafting sounds for this universe. Until next time!

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– Zyven

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